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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pumpkins and witches

My Auntie Ellen has just finished treatment for lung cancer and is now cancer free!! She was finished the week of Halloween, so I made her this crazy quilt pumpkin to hang in her house to remember how special this season will always be to all of us. Seriously, she was amazing before, during and after her surgeries and treatment. She knew she would beat it and she has. That sure made it easy for the rest of us to be positive and hopeful.This little wall hanging is all paper pieced! I never did hang it up for Halloween this year. Maybe next year. Or I will put it in Evelyn's hope chest for her as a surprise. I do love it and it was a really fun class at the quilt shop. Now I am onto Christmas projects. I have a few classes coming up and a few things I am working on here at the house. There is always something to make with my sewing machine!!
Oh!!! We had a little blizzard here yesterday morning. I was not sure, but thought I saw snow on my way to work, and within an hour it was blustery and snowing like crazy. There was about 1/2 inch on the ground, and it snowed for a few hours, but went away by lunch time. You could not see far in front of you while it was happening. How weird!! The kids at school were so excited, but no early dismissal for them! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look what I got from mom and dad!!

The flowers are from my neighbor, Kathy, whose daughter is getting married this week!! She left them on my steps today to say thanks for the help with the party last month. How sweet (and unnecessary!!) was that? It was more fun than work for me, but the flowers are so lovely and add a nice touch for the fall. When my parents came here last month for their 50th anniversary, they brought me this AMAZING old-fashioned telephone table/chair. Remember when your phone was stationary and you had to sit there to talk? Well, this table was made for those conversations!! The phone went where the flowers are in the previous picture. My mom made the pillow, cushion and little table mat! How fun that both parents worked together on this project?! I am so lucky. Can you believe how the colors match my dining room perfectly? Whooo hoooo!

My black Lab, Penny, got in the way here, but I wanted to show you the big opening on the bottom. I will probably put books there, but left it empty for now. This piece looks like it was made for my old house!! I love it.

Final Halloween Pictures and Fun

My kids had a Hillbilly Halloween party last weekend over at the river. Everyone had to wear a plaid flannel shirt and listen to country music (which many of them do anyway). They went pumpkin picking together and then sat at the river and carved them. We were invited to come along too, but I was feeling a little sick, so I stayed home. Kenny was happy to carve pumpkins though, so he went for a while. Here is the table with some of the finished masterpieces.
I thought they were all so adorable. How about this owl with branches on top!!??

I got the job of awarding prizes for the top three and I picked this howling wolf as one of the best. It was hard to choose. The kids were not near their work, so I did not know who made them.

This is Miley Cirus!! She had a singing card next to her that you had to open to listen to!

This is vomiting pumpkin. I thought that was funny when I saw it with all the beer bottles surrounding it. Of course I found out that Evelyn made that one. She has a sick mind like me!
The Saints are even represented in New York. This was so nice!

Kenny chose this one as one of the winners because it was so old-fashioned like the ones we used to make when we were kids.

This turned out to be a fun day for the kids (who are really not kids anymore, but still have fun like they did when they were young). I like the way they all look in their flannels.