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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter treats from my embroidery machine

Hope you all had a happy Easter.  This year I added some more Easter pieces for the table using my embroidery machine.  Every year I add a few more things so that someday the entire table will be full of Easter linens.  I made the runner last year, and this year I did placemats with a rabbit border.  The bunny silverware/napkin holders are new this year too.  Each person who came for dinner got a mini daffodil in the most adorable little buckets with vintage Easter designs on them.  They were so cute!  I got them at Michaels a few weeks back.

I saw these little rabbits at Embroidery Library and knew I had to have them!!  They are made entirely in the hoop...could not be easier!  Everyone loved them.
 This rabbit border on the placemat is from Embroidery Library too.  I did not want to actually make the placemats, so I went to Walmart and sure enough, they had these adorable egg shaped placemats for only $2.00 each!  The lazy way to do placemats!  Next year there will be a vintage Easter design on the corner of each napkin.  Then I will have everything for the holiday.
I am on vacation for the week and plan to really enjoy it.  Today there is some cleaning to be done both inside and outside (maybe I can get my garden cleaned a bit).  Tonight there is yoga, then later this week I am off to Amish country for a few days with my good friend!