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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring projects

This weekend I made a table runner for Easter. I found some cute Easter fabric in the attic and then embroidered this cute little chick with flowers onto a pale lavender center.
Some adorable Easter fabric I used for a new apron. It is the cutest vintage fabric. I got some for me and some for an apron that was ordered from a friend. I will get hers done tomorrow so she can have it for Easter too.

This is the other side of the table runner. I just loved the little chicks!

This is my apron. I have a million different patterns for all styles of aprons, but this is my favorite. Something about it just reminds me of an old farm grandma who loves nothing better than to make cookies for all the grandkids! Maybe that will be me someday:)

You know how sometimes you just buy something because you "have to" have it? Well, this little trim is one of those things. I saw it when I was in the attic and knew it was perfect for the pockets of my apron.

If you don't hear from me again soon, it's because we have washed away here on Long Island. The rain is coming and coming and bringing fierce winds with it. The river across the street is creeping closer to the road every hour. It's probably already 20 feet onto the grass and we have two days of rain left.
Oh, about a month ago I decided I had gotten fat enough for one year and marched myself into the nearest Weight Watchers to start the program. It's not really hard at all and I don't feel deprived in the least. So far, I have gotten rid of 12 pounds!! YAY!! Maybe I will wear shorts this summer after all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A chicken loving convert

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law (Kenny's sis) came to see us for a few days last week. I took one day off so we could spend a full day together. What a beautiful day it was too!! Temps in the high 60s and lots of bright sun. I cleaned the chicken coop and gave them new straw in the morning while everyone else got ready for the day (we planned to go for a walk at the wildlife refuge, go to the ocean and then to lunch). When Pat came outside, she said she had never held a chicken before, so I handed one of my new girls to her. It was true love for both of them! :) My in-laws loved watching my hens line up to lay eggs and listening to their incessant cackling and clucking. They took the eggs laid that day home with them to enjoy for breakfast.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you stack and whack? It's fun!

Last month I signed up for a class in stack and whack. We had to get fabric that had a repeat at least six times, which I did not totally understand (except for the times I did wallpapering at our house), but the owner of the quilt shop I visited knew what I meant, so I picked out this fabric for the project and it was good. For stack and whack, the goal is to cut your fabric in six layers (all at one time) so that when you piece it together later (mine was going to be a fan), it will look like a kaliedescope.

This is one version of the fan that I cut out. I love the way it all lined up so well. If you know me, I am not always worried about perfection (a little tug, or some steam from the iron goes a long way to making things fit), but I had to make sure the layers were all perfect before cutting. It was not too bad actually once it is all pinned to match the exact same spot on all layers.
See how they all look a little different? Some look like vines going across the fan and others have a bigger design across the top. You use a see-through template so you can see which part of the fabric you are focusing on.

Our teacher, Alice, helped me pick out the background fabric for the blocks. I wanted it to look really soft and elegant when it was put together, so she immediately found this very pale purple and it looks great. Across the top and bottom of the fan will be a tiny, tiny bias binding that I made out of dark purple. It should make the blocks stand out, but not be too loud.

Another block. Honestly, when I came home from the class I wanted to start cutting up all of my fabric to make stack and whack designs. You can do stars, squares, and all manner of cool stuff with this. My quilt is actually pretty tame compared to some of the fabrics the other women in the class were using. They were making some awesome fans with their fabrics. I will be putting this together on Friday at the next class where we will finish the tops.