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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back to Nature quilt finished and going on the bed tonight!

Years ago I made this quilt for Kenny and even had it quilted right away...then I put it in the closet before I put the binding on!  I had wanted to use it only AFTER we redid our bedroom.  Well, our bedroom was finished last February, so I figured this quilt deserves to be done and put on the bed.  It took about four hours to add the binding which I did while sitting by the wood stove.  It is so cold this winter that it will be great to have on our bed.
Kenny loves the colors and patterns of the quilt.

I am happy to say I even put mitered borders on this quilt.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Embroidered quilt quilted and bound!

I really enjoyed working on this pretty little quilt!  I used my embroidery machine for most of it.
I made every other block with things I love.  I was able to use my embroidery machine for all of them,  I machine quilted a diagonal line over all the embroideries.

The borders are quilted with a trailing flower and vine pattern from embroidery!  That is the best company for machine embroidery.
These bluebirds are along the bottom border.  I quilted right over this.

The sunflower quilting is done on all of the nine-patches.  It's not easy to see from the front, so thought I would show it from the back.  It looks really nice in person!
Last night I put the binding on while we watched Klondike on television.  Doing it by hand was relaxing and kept me warm while I sat on the couch.  Well, I have to go out and shovel now thanks to yesterday's snow storm.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day!

So I went back to school for one day and that's it for this week thanks to our snowfall last night and today.  We have about 8 inches out front and more in the back yard.
Lily isn't sure about this frozen water stuff, but she likes it!

Penny has her favorite seat for a snow day.
I will use today to quilt my latest project, which I must say is coming out well so far!  I started quilting it last night and almost hated to stop.  Of course I have to shovel today too, so will quilt in between working.  Must do Pilates too, but will probably do that in a few minutes.  I have the aero Pilates machine upstairs and I like it a lot...even though I don't generally like exercising like that.  I like to exercise while hiking, swimming or something else that seems natural.  But the Pilates machine is kind of fun.  See you when my quilt is almost done...