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Friday, September 27, 2013

One wedding quilt finally done!! Thimbleberries Border Blast!

We have a very exciting year ahead of us!  Both of my kids got engaged in the spring of 2013 so after talking about dates and locations, they decided that they wanted to have a double wedding in 2014!  Of course that makes it all the more exciting for everyone because all of the families and friends involved really like one another and know that this is going to be a great event for all of us!!  So, of course two quilts have to be made ASAP if I am going to get them to the quilter before her busy season.  Yikes!!  All summer and early fall I worked on Rob and Ali's which is the Thimbleberries Border Blast quilt.  It was a block of the month I never worked on because I was not sure who would get it.  OMG it was soooo much work!!  Each block has a border and there are multiple borders on the final quilt.  Do you realize how much room for error that is!? This border blast project was not always a BLAST!!  I did enjoy it because I thought of the kids while I was making it, but it was like a thousand pieces!  I had to cut, sew, cut again and again to just hope I was keeping it square!  Here it is without the pieced borders.  It was not square at all at this point and I have no idea why!!  I ripped rows out and sewed them again several times (to the point of the fabric shredding a little) and was about to throw it out!! LOL  Ok, not really, but I was frustrated.   I had to drink a little wine...

So all night last night I put the borders on and the quilt grew like the blob!  It was stretching and making me nervous, but in the end, I think it got a little more square as I went on.  My imagination is making me worry that the quilter (DivineQuilting) will not be able to quilt it, but I know that I am just being a drama queen about it:)  I put it on the lawn to photograph it and it seemed ok as far as squareness goes!  I do love how it looks!  It is so pretty.
It is so big that I had to lay it on my lawn to take these pictures!  Probably a queen size at least (numbers mean nothing to me, so I have no idea how many inches it is! Ha!)  Except for the lumpy part, I liked how it looked on the lawn.  I took it to school and we folded it and it was folding pretty square.  If I have to trim a little off the big border when it's done, I can live with it.  Tonight I am getting an embroidery project ready since I have not done any in the months I devoted to Rob and Ali.  Happy Fall!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Halloween Quilt

Tonight I finally put the binding on this quilt for the living room.  It was so cold this morning that it would have been nice to cover up with this while having tea.
 The quilting was fun on this one.  I went around all of the images and on the features with orange thread that had many colors mixed in.  It's been quilted for about two months, just waiting for a binding (like so many of my other quilts!).  This weekend is going to be spent cleaning and decorating for fall and Halloween.

 How about that candy corn binding?  I just love it.  Hope you are all enjoying the lovely mid-September weather!!  It's just amazing how fast this month is going.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Chevron quilt and a very big puppy now

I really love this quilt now that it is quilted and ready for binding!!  A few months ago, this was a class out in Cutchogue at Farmhouse Quilts and we got a lot done in one day.  You do have to measure and cut carefully (not the white fabric though!) but once you get into it, it moves along really quickly.  It's done as a strip quilt, so once each strip is done, you just have to make sure all of the points line up as you connect the rows.  Not a big problem even for me!

 This will be used in Evelyn's old room next spring and summer.  I am making a few quilts for each room so that they can be changed seasonally.  The other one I am working on for that room also has white background fabric.  It looks so clean and bright.
 Here is our baby, Lily!! She is 5 months old and so much fun.  We cannot believe how big she is already.  She will be hunting in a few months!


Lily likes to get her picture taken, so she will sit down whenever she sees the camera!  Truly a little ham. 

I still have a whole week off before going back to school.  It seems like I should be heading back tomorrow, so I decided that I would go in and get my room ready and my copies done tomorrow.  We have a new principal, and I have not met him yet, so that will happen tomorrow too.