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Monday, September 2, 2013

Chevron quilt and a very big puppy now

I really love this quilt now that it is quilted and ready for binding!!  A few months ago, this was a class out in Cutchogue at Farmhouse Quilts and we got a lot done in one day.  You do have to measure and cut carefully (not the white fabric though!) but once you get into it, it moves along really quickly.  It's done as a strip quilt, so once each strip is done, you just have to make sure all of the points line up as you connect the rows.  Not a big problem even for me!

 This will be used in Evelyn's old room next spring and summer.  I am making a few quilts for each room so that they can be changed seasonally.  The other one I am working on for that room also has white background fabric.  It looks so clean and bright.
 Here is our baby, Lily!! She is 5 months old and so much fun.  We cannot believe how big she is already.  She will be hunting in a few months!


Lily likes to get her picture taken, so she will sit down whenever she sees the camera!  Truly a little ham. 

I still have a whole week off before going back to school.  It seems like I should be heading back tomorrow, so I decided that I would go in and get my room ready and my copies done tomorrow.  We have a new principal, and I have not met him yet, so that will happen tomorrow too. 

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sandy quilts said...

I really love how your quilt came out - cant wait for mine to be back from the longarm quilter! Lilly is soooo cute!