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Monday, July 20, 2015

Halloween wedding quilt progress

I have been trying to do one or two blocks a day this summer.  I generally don't get time on the weekend since we often go out for a while.  Each of the blocks takes a very long time compared to other embroidery projects I have done, so I have to be home a bit.  In fact the block I am setting up right now is 110 minutes.  However, the little details in this baby are amazing!  I can't wait to have the girls really LOOK at this when all the dust settles after the wedding.   
I did the zombie in Sam's eye and hair colors.  The other zombie I am doing in Melony's colors.  That's on the hoop now.
Look at the spider web in the branches!

I love the wolf in the background.
Aren't his little fangs cute!?
Loving ole Frankie!
Look at the witch in the sky!  There is just so much to look at!  I am working on the sashing and border designs as I go along.  They have to be plain enough to keep it from being wildly crazy, but still interesting.  I have a few ideas, but won't decide until I have the embroidered rows completed.
Bye!  See you with a few more in a day or so.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Block two Halloween wedding quilt

I have to leave for the bridal shower in like 10 minutes!  Am I ready? Haha, anyone who knows me knows I just picked the outfit and it may or may not work!  I still have to do my hair too.  I spent the morning making this block though.  I love making this quilt!  See ya later!  It's 87 degrees but so sunny, who cares if it's hot?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Halloween wedding quilt started, and a few other things

This afternoon when I got home from church camp, it was time to get this wedding quilt started.  Each block takes about 90-100 minutes each, so I need to make sure I'll be home for a while when I want to start a block.  It's a lot of appliqué, so that's why I need to stay close to the machine.

For some reason, I ordered another block of the month!  It's from Shabby Chic and is pretty easy.  I got the appliqué fused while I was embroidering the Halloween quilt.  I was smart and ordered the quilt with the fusible pieces laser cut!  
A few months ago I took a class to make pot holders on a loom like when I was a kid!  It's so relaxing and fun.  Deb came over last night and we made two.  I did mine in red white and blue.  I made so many within the last few months and I will just make one any time I have a few minutes on my hands.  I usually do this while I'm watching television.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Today's project. Recovering dining room chairs!

Sometimes you just can't ignore something that just has to be done RIGHT NOW!  My dining room chair cushions have been kinda needy for my attention for a while now.  My really old cat calls them her personal space, and sheds massively on them. Also, Lily likes to sit on them while we work or sit together as a family.  This one looks pretty good.  I wouldn't show you the nasty ones! :)

Deb and I went on a road trip in May and found an upholstery shop where a quilt shop was supposed to be.  Destiny!  I got this fabric there.
First one done!  
My easy to use tools for the afternoon.  Drill and stapler.

The fabric is reversible so I might do the captains chairs with the pink side out and the other chairs with the white side. I better get back to work before I lose my enthusiasms!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quilted and bound! Ready to start a new project.

My niece is getting married on Halloween, and I have the best embroidered quilt on my mind, so before I start that, I had to finish the quilt for my friend Amy's precious baby girl.  I finally saw her the other day and she is the cutest, happiest little babe!  So I quilted with my Tiara on the borders and with my Babylock on the hunters star.  Since I learned the easy-peasy way to add a flange, of course I had to put two on this quilt.  The white looks nice against the red and aqua binding.
All done.  I am going to wash it and dry it with a color catcher before I give it to Amy.  I'll pin another color catcher to it when I give it to her so she can use it when she washes it again.
Instead of free motion quilting  on the red corners,  I I just embroidered a bear in a train car to carry that theme to the edges.
For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to free motion on the hunters star.  It seemed to want the quarter inch situation all throughout.  So, out came the walking foot for the first time with the Babylock and I got started.  It took a very l o n g time!  Looks good though!

The dogs and I sat outside today while I added the binding.  Everyone was happy.  Tomorrow I start the Halloween wedding quilt!  It's going to be fun!