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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Halloween wedding quilt started, and a few other things

This afternoon when I got home from church camp, it was time to get this wedding quilt started.  Each block takes about 90-100 minutes each, so I need to make sure I'll be home for a while when I want to start a block.  It's a lot of appliqué, so that's why I need to stay close to the machine.

For some reason, I ordered another block of the month!  It's from Shabby Chic and is pretty easy.  I got the appliqué fused while I was embroidering the Halloween quilt.  I was smart and ordered the quilt with the fusible pieces laser cut!  
A few months ago I took a class to make pot holders on a loom like when I was a kid!  It's so relaxing and fun.  Deb came over last night and we made two.  I did mine in red white and blue.  I made so many within the last few months and I will just make one any time I have a few minutes on my hands.  I usually do this while I'm watching television.  

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