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Friday, July 3, 2015

Today's project. Recovering dining room chairs!

Sometimes you just can't ignore something that just has to be done RIGHT NOW!  My dining room chair cushions have been kinda needy for my attention for a while now.  My really old cat calls them her personal space, and sheds massively on them. Also, Lily likes to sit on them while we work or sit together as a family.  This one looks pretty good.  I wouldn't show you the nasty ones! :)

Deb and I went on a road trip in May and found an upholstery shop where a quilt shop was supposed to be.  Destiny!  I got this fabric there.
First one done!  
My easy to use tools for the afternoon.  Drill and stapler.

The fabric is reversible so I might do the captains chairs with the pink side out and the other chairs with the white side. I better get back to work before I lose my enthusiasms!  

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Beverly Frankeny said...

Somehow, after all this time, I re-found your blog!!! Hope all is well with you Sheryl-lyn!!! Great job on the chair re-do.