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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rustic plate chargers and trivets

So I got an email from Michael's the other day and there was a pretty picnic setting with log slices used on the table! Of course I had to have some!  I told Kenny and he just happened to be taking a few trees down for a client so log slices would be in my hands the next day. Yay! Funny how things come together sometimes.  Kenny showed me how to use the planer to make them smooth.
Here he is instructing me properly!

Here he is taking over!  It didn't bother me that he finished the planing.  I need more practice at "feeling" how it works so that I don't leave ruts.  I am going to have to sand them on my own and do the finishing as well.  It's fun when Kenny gets involved in my ideas.
I drilled the holes in the center where they had started cracking (in one night!) to help slow that down.

I hope that the holes will keep the cracks from growing too fast.  Now I will let them dry out for a week or so before I sand them and put a varnish of some kind on them.  Won't they look pretty with fall flowers and pumpkins on the table?  I was thinking about some plaid fabric for napkins and ribbons for the fall holidays.  I'll let you know how they look in a few days.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mason jars in green!

I love mason jars and I love green so I had to have a 6 pack of them.  We have company coming for dinner so I set the table with them for water and then I put flowers in the rest.  So easy and pretty!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stitchers garden block 4

I have chosen a different color scheme for each block so I did this one purple and green.  It's cool because you use a twin needle for several stitches and to make the center of the bigger flower.  That is pin tucked fabric which I made with the twin needle.  It was easy and fun to do.  I think I only have two flowers left to do, then I can put it all together!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Stitchers garden block.

It's been hot and humid so after I clean for a few hours I take my dogs swimming in the river.  I read while they play around.  Right now I am reading Killing Jesus which is very good.  At night I sew for a while.  This block was cool because I used Rick rack and I used my fringe foot.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

Another Stitchers garden block done

I'm on a roll now with this quilt!  I cleaned my kitchen all afternoon and then got into this block.  It's a rainy Fourth of July, so it was perfect for cleaning and sewing.  I enjoyed this block very much.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cleaning the house for the summertime

Today I started my annual summer cleaning/purging.  I go through each room washing every part of it and washing towels, rugs, curtains, aprons and everything else in that area. Then I decide what goes and what stays.  Of course my aprons all stay.
This one was made by a friend a long time ago.  Usually I keep it hanging up, but think I should use it.  I use most of them and I definitely enjoy them more when I do.

Each of my aprons was either made by me or by a friend or family member.  I even had to wear one the day of Rob's wedding (over my fancy dress) because one of his friends needed me to make him some food!  The kids all loved that I had an apron on even then!  The photographer took pictures of me cooking with my apron on!  It was funny.

Shiny bathroom!  It only takes a few minutes to overhaul this one since I am always cleaning it.  Look closely and you can see that my nightlight in there is the leg lamp from A Christmas Story!  

The mud room is totally clean now too.  I usually hang all my aprons in here, but like the spare look for the summertime.

This is a block from the Stitchers Garden class I take monthly.  It is a fantastic way to learn about all the feet on your machine.  This block used a circular foot to make the flower centers.  I really liked using that.  I used variegated thread on it too.

Finished block!  I am making this for my daughter Evelyn.  She likes polka dots (me too!) and I think this will make her happy.  I got a polka dot fleece for the backing which will be cozy.  She doesn't like to use a sheet, so likes fleece against her skin.
Evelyn and a few girls had a bridal shower for a friend this past weekend so I made the favors. I embroidered Love is Sweet on a towel and wrapped it over a cup filled with Hershey kisses.  My friend Debbie pulled the edges up so that most of them looked like big flowers.  The little flower on top is a tiny chalkboard.  There are so many weddings coming up!  Bye bye money!