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Monday, November 17, 2014

Bargello table runner done!

This was a project started many years ago, but I put it away in the attic after I did it in class.  I was cleaning the other day and there it was!  Only needing a binding (I dislike putting bindings on, but I'm working on that) so tonight after work I put one of the store bought kinds.  It feels great to actually finish things.  I Even thought about it when I went to bed last night.  I went to sleep with a feeling of accomplishment!  Maybe it's a new trend! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quilt label

Friday night I got Rob and Ali's quilt finished.  I only had to finish putting the binding on and it took like 8 months.  I had put most of it on and then my mom was put on life support and then died.  Guess I just couldn't bring myself to take it out and bind it.  I made the label today and will put it on the quilt tonight!  Isn't it cute?

Christmas quilt and pillowcases

I made this quilt last summer with some good friends and finally got around to quilting and binding it this week.  The fabric was a Christmas layer cake (can't remember which tho!) but it doesn't look too Christmasy to me now.  But, since it's already very cold here, we will be happy just to have it on the couch!  
At school we have to do these crazy things called SLOs and I always get stressed out about it so last Friday the special education teacher I work with helped me do mine.  Seriously, she forced me to get it done!  Sat me down at the computer and said, "let's get it done right now!"  She was not taking no for an answer!  I am so grateful to get them done so I made her these pillowcases.  One for her and one for her husband.  What a friend she was to me on Friday!  I am lucky to have her with me this year.:)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Swoon quilt with Flea Market fancy fabric!

I finally found a good quilt to show off this fabric!  A group of us went to a quilt retreat a few weeks back and I got it mostly done.  Today I put it all together.  I love it!
The blocks are 24 1/2 inches which means you only need 9 for. Big quilt.  Don't you just love the fabric?
Out poor Penny had cancer again so she had another surgery this week.  Now she's a conehead for a while.
Lily doesn't care for it at all!  Well, that's all for now.  Be back soon I hope!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stitchers garden blocks almost done! And a good book!

Well I have been busy doing a lot of nothing this summer.  Playing with the dogs, sewing and reading have been my days for the most part, but that's been good.  Went away for a few days here and there, but nothing like I usually do all summer!  It was good staying put most days.  Here is the second to last block for Stitchers garden.
I didn't do the bobbin work on this one.  I feel that this quilt will be busy and quirky enough so let it go.  Right now this book is taking my days!  I love Fannie Flagg's writing and was thrilled to see a new one by her!  Totally enjoyable and fun once again!  Almost hate to finish it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rustic plate chargers and trivets

So I got an email from Michael's the other day and there was a pretty picnic setting with log slices used on the table! Of course I had to have some!  I told Kenny and he just happened to be taking a few trees down for a client so log slices would be in my hands the next day. Yay! Funny how things come together sometimes.  Kenny showed me how to use the planer to make them smooth.
Here he is instructing me properly!

Here he is taking over!  It didn't bother me that he finished the planing.  I need more practice at "feeling" how it works so that I don't leave ruts.  I am going to have to sand them on my own and do the finishing as well.  It's fun when Kenny gets involved in my ideas.
I drilled the holes in the center where they had started cracking (in one night!) to help slow that down.

I hope that the holes will keep the cracks from growing too fast.  Now I will let them dry out for a week or so before I sand them and put a varnish of some kind on them.  Won't they look pretty with fall flowers and pumpkins on the table?  I was thinking about some plaid fabric for napkins and ribbons for the fall holidays.  I'll let you know how they look in a few days.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mason jars in green!

I love mason jars and I love green so I had to have a 6 pack of them.  We have company coming for dinner so I set the table with them for water and then I put flowers in the rest.  So easy and pretty!