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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hunter star baby quilt

This is the center of the quilt for my friend Amy.  I love the Accuquilt!  I could never cut so nicely, plus it notches the parts that fit together. Easy peasy!  I am using a tiny red border around this and then I am putting a white border with teddy bears embroidered on it.  I got redwork designs and will do them in red or aqua...not sure which yet.  

Maybe I will get a little more done while I'm home tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer is here! Sort of...

After such a long cold winter, summer is finally here.  Even if the weather for this holiday weekend is a little chilly, it's nice to be outside all day and in the evening.  Yesterday I got this chiminea at Home Depot on sale for 70 dollars so this afternoon I put it together by myself!  Tonight, Kenny is fishing so I have my tea and book and will sit by the fire with the dogs.  I've been sewing a lot and will post that tomorrow. Hope you are all having fun this weekend!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hunters star using my accuquilt!

Another one of my good friends from school has had a baby!  It's a lovely little girl.  Since it was a surprise as to the gender, I waited to make the quilt.  The colors in the nursery are aqua, white and gray.  I think I will do four of these blocks in the center and make embroidered blocks around the outside.  I have the cutest little vintage baby animals I have been yearning to use, so once I get the center done, I'll make those and a block with the baby's name and birth date on it.  That's the goal!  Happy Mother's Day all!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My first quilt done on the Tiara 2

So Evelyn and II finished cleaning and organizing my little attic and the bedroom closets last weekend! I have the Tiara in her old bedroom, and now it's all neat and organized for quilting.  For some reason, I am one of those people who have to have order in my house before I can enjoy my hobbies.  Of course, I am NOT a neat freak or anything, but my mind gets so cluttered and distracted when things are a mess.  Now my hobbies are in separate closets and out of the way.  The attic is all set up for serging  and regular sewing with my tables and machines all set up.  I can cut up there if I feel like it too.  That took all the mess off the dining room table which is now clean.  After some shopping this morning, I went up to the Tiara and quilted this rail fence quilt.  My embroidery machine came in handy for the teapot borders.  It all came put pretty good.  
My least favorite part of making quilts is sandwiching it all together (followed by binding them) but once I get a few together and ready, then the quilting can begin!  Soon I will start using quilting rulers to make designs. Holy cow are there a lot of good videos out there for machine quilters.  Have a good weekend!  It's cold, but nice and sunny.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Log cabin quilt ready for quilting

It seems like winter is on its way out finally.  We have grass showing all over and the mud has officially started.  When I went shopping yesterday morning I saw tulips and brought some home to cheer the kitchen up.
A few weeks ago I took a log cabin quilt class and it was fun and easy for the most part. Last night I finished putting it together.  I used a mix of 30s fabrics and modern brights.  They look good to me.
I used a nice red and white as a border which made the white stand out even more but brought it all together too. 
I purchased a quilting machine on Friday!  It will be here in a week or so.  It was an unexpected event but it was on sale!  Who says no to a big sale?  This will be quilted on the new machine. :)

Old mystery quilt quilted and bound!

Our local quilt shop used to have mystery quilt night once every few months.  You would pick a colorway and that's all you knew about it until you were almost done.  Omg did my friends and I look forward to that night.  The quilt below is a churn dash that was easy and fun to make.  Seriously, we would sew and sew for hours and the top would be done when we left!  I miss those classes!  I quilted this on my friend Kim's Tiara and started to really get the hang of it by the time I was done.  Lucky me...the newer version of that machine was on sale this weekend and before I knew it, I was signing on the dotted line.  My friends were there when I was told about the sale, and Sandy had her calculator out crunching numbers in like 5 seconds.  She told me I could afford it, and then I was in the office buying it!  Holy cow.  I am not suffering buyer's remorse at all.  We told my daughter that she had to come and take her hope chest out of her old bedroom so I can put it there.  Tonight she and Patrick came for it, so I am ready!  Washed the window where it will be and washed the wood floor too.  I am soooo excited.
Isn't the binding fun?  Believe it or not, I am beginning to enjoy hand-sewing bindings on.  
I used a pretty lofty batting, so the quilt is nice and warm.  Hey, I am becoming a finisher now...not just a top- maker.  Maybe I am turning over a new leaf!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Baby quilt finished! Anita Goodesigns nursery rhyme!

I put the binding on the quilt tonight as soon as I finished quilting in the ditch.  I used a lofty batting in the middle so that the 1/2 inch seams wouldn't be too lumpy on the back.  It's so fluffy and warm.  
There is a cute flannel fabric on the back.  This is a snugly warm quilt.  The baby is due in 12 days, and I want to give it to Kristy tomorrow, so tonight is its last night in my dining room.  This was one of my favorites of all time, and I will make one like this again.