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Monday, March 3, 2014

Rob and Ali's wedding quilt (border blast by Thimbleberries) is quilted. Bridal shower favors almost done!

Here is the quilted product for Rob and Ali!  I am happy to have it back now.  I will bind it this week so I can give it to Ali at her shower this weekend.  Deb at Divine Quilting did a beautiful job on a very, very imperfect quilt top.  Must I remind you what a nightmare this top gave me?  Seams pulled apart, fabric frayed, sides became elongated, yada, yada, yada.  However, it looks gorgeous and not too many people will see the problems now that it's done.  I have to fix a few things with hand sewing and fray- check but I still do love it.

I made homemade trail mix for shower favors.  Rob saw them the other day and stole one!  He said he needs it for when he is between classes in college.  I have exactly the right amount now, so no one better show up if they didn't RSVP!  Hey, btw what's up with people not RSVPing anyway?  The girls doing the shower had so much trouble getting people to let them know if they were coming or not, but most of them were planning on coming!  Why not let people know right away?  Funny, right? I have been guilty of that too, but won't do it again.  
I also made homemade soap and put them in these bags with a scrubby.  What fun I had making the bags and the tags!  The top of the bag is a folded cupcake paper!  When I saw that on Pinterest, I knew I had to use that idea.
My dining room table is a hot mess right now, but it's all worth it to make Ali's day special for her.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Easter quilt using a fringe foot

This week I am finally getting started on this Easter quilt I got the patterns for a few years ago.  I am in a Stitchers Garden quilt BOM now and we used a fringe foot this month.  Of course I have to practice a lot so added a little poufy tail to my bunny before I use the foot on the Stitchers Garden block.
Then I added a little feathery tail to my little sassy chicken.  She's showing it off.
It's fun to add texture to the blocks and this is fun.  Can you believe that we are expecting more snow tonight?  Not too much but still!  I do enjoy a real winter though so I am not complaining.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Valentines Pillows

Well, today was ANOTHER day off due to snow and ice!  We will have no spring break left at this rate.  On the other hand, I do enjoy being home and doing things that make me happy, like sewing and cooking.  OMG!  I just got a call saying that we are already on a two hour delay for tomorrow!  We are never going to get our units done before state testing!  Sorry...I digress!  Last week I was talking to Colleen at the quilt shop and she was talking about trapunto on the embroidery machine and how much she likes it.  I had been wanting to try it too, so here are some pillows with trapunto pictures.  See how puffy they look?  There is batting under the fabric and all that stitching makes it puff.

Kenny and the dogs spent a few minutes chilling out on the couch.  Kenny was noticing a spider on the ceiling, but we let him live.

This pillow reminds me of my puppy.  I had done the stitching in pink, but it was hard to see so I just stitched over it with tan.  I have two more ready to work on tomorrow night at sit and sew at PQ!
This was another piece of a chenille cutter I got years ago.  I used to go on ebay and buy pieces of chenille bedspreads (cutters because they are not in good shape as a whole, so the seller cuts the good pieces up and sells them) to make pillows, curtains and laundry bags.  I am out of these kinds of pieces now.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some Valentines pillows

Today we had another snow day thanks to snow and ice this morning.  Now we are at the point that we are losing vacation days in the spring.  It is messing up the drama club practices and our show is this weekend.  We will put the show on this weekend and hope for the best.  The kids have worked hard, so I will be proud no matter how it turns out.  So...I had some sewing time again today and made a few pillows.  I did not buy any new fabric for these.  So far, I am doing all of my sewing with stuff I already have and it feels great!
The chenille on the sides is from an old bedspread I got on eBay years ago,  I made my bathroom curtains with it and saved the rest for projects like this.
Cute, right?  I had fun mailing them and just used my sofa pillow forms instead of buying new ones.  We are expecting another snow storm this weekend, so I have some project ideas in mind already.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Little twister heart quilt

A few weeks ago I felt like I needed to take a class at the quilt shop because I had not in a while and I missed the fun and socialization that a class always brings.  I saw this pretty quilt on the wall and decided this was the one.  I had seen this gorgeous Jennifer Chiavarini fabric and wanted to buy it but made myself buy it only if I had a project in mind!  This was it!
Isn't it just beautiful fabric?  I got a few yards more to make pillowcases for our bed too.  I quilted it this weekend and am thrilled that another project is almost done.  Tonight I will put the binding on.

When I first made the top, I thought it was hard to see the heart shape, but after quilting, it did stand out more.  I won't get much sewing done, if any, this week because our play is this weekend, and we rehearse late every night this week.  It's a cute play, Alice in Wonderland, and I am proud of the work the kids are doing.  Next Saturday is our last show and then I am free again for a while!  Yay!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back to Nature quilt finished and going on the bed tonight!

Years ago I made this quilt for Kenny and even had it quilted right away...then I put it in the closet before I put the binding on!  I had wanted to use it only AFTER we redid our bedroom.  Well, our bedroom was finished last February, so I figured this quilt deserves to be done and put on the bed.  It took about four hours to add the binding which I did while sitting by the wood stove.  It is so cold this winter that it will be great to have on our bed.
Kenny loves the colors and patterns of the quilt.

I am happy to say I even put mitered borders on this quilt.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Embroidered quilt quilted and bound!

I really enjoyed working on this pretty little quilt!  I used my embroidery machine for most of it.
I made every other block with things I love.  I was able to use my embroidery machine for all of them,  I machine quilted a diagonal line over all the embroideries.

The borders are quilted with a trailing flower and vine pattern from embroidery!  That is the best company for machine embroidery.
These bluebirds are along the bottom border.  I quilted right over this.

The sunflower quilting is done on all of the nine-patches.  It's not easy to see from the front, so thought I would show it from the back.  It looks really nice in person!
Last night I put the binding on while we watched Klondike on television.  Doing it by hand was relaxing and kept me warm while I sat on the couch.  Well, I have to go out and shovel now thanks to yesterday's snow storm.