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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter quilt done

I put the binding on this quilt last night.  It came out so cute!  Maybe we will get some snow now!
I did the quilting on my two machines.  The snowflakes are embroidery machine patterns that I got years ago.  This year I am going to really focus on learning to quilt nicely so that I'm not so nervous doing my own quilts.  I'm enjoying the process even though I get a little stressed every time I start to quilt something.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter quilt center done

I got this kit in Vermont about 5 years ago!  When I went to visit my niece last weekend I saw it hanging on the wall at the quilt store and thought, "hey, I better make mine this week!"  So I came home and got on it.  This is the center.  I have to do the borders and then it will be ready for quilting,

It's so cute.  It calls for hand appliqué, but I just reversed all the patterns and used my machine.  I don't usually like too many snowmen, but this year I got over it. :). I can finish this and leave it up all winter.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Melony's table runner!

My niece made this tonight!  She fused, appliqued, quilted and machine bound it all while I watched!  She was easy to teach!  Her mom gave her a sizzix cutter so I wanted her to make something right away.
Cute, right?

Happy hands:happy attitude!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Snowman frenzy finished!

I made a few snowman table toppers, towels, etc. for my girls and my BFF, Debbie.  I just finished them minutes ago.  Here are the towels...
Ali's snowman collection...

Evy's snowmen...

I have to put buttons on the two by themselves.

Well, I can put the sewing machine away tomorrow (for the day) so I can set the table for dinner.  I baked tonight and I have to fill the almond cookies with the cream cheese and cherry filling now. See you tomorrow!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Blue work snowmen

I am making some runners and table mats for Rob and Ali this week.  They have been married for 6 months already! Can you believe it?  Well, I am doing blue work for their items, which I am liking!  A lot!  
I love the snowflake fabric I got today for the background.  These are the fabrics I'll use in the blocks around the runners. Some of the fabric is from the Downton Abby line.  
I'm looking forward to seeing these done!
Oh!  Here is the snowman I made Evy at the basket class.  We even wove the basket bottom!  Fun!  
This one is Debbie's!
This was a fun time!  No one knew what they were doing at first but they came out great!

Cute snowman pillow

Kenny was jealous of the snowmen I made Evy and Pat so I made him this tonight.  It will be a pillow in a few days.  Evy cleaned all of her clothes and stuff out of our house today.  All that's left is the furniture which she will take this weekend.  It will be nice to organize everything this winter and clean it the rest of the way.  I also have to purge tons of stuff.  I am looking forward to that.  
I love this snowman picture!  I guess I am getting over my snowman aversion!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A snowman couple

I am making Evelyn a few things for her new house!  She has purchased an adorable place in a great town, but they won't move in for a few weeks so I thought I'd do snowmen for her instead of Christmas this year.  This will become a runner.

These towels are hand embroidery.  I am working on one more.  I have to add trim to the bottoms.

I made the little ornaments at a rug hooking class.  It was fun but not a full time hobby for me!  
I made a snowman basket this weekend but left it at work so I could paint it with my friends.  We all did it together and had a wonderful time.  I'll show it tomorrow.