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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kinda wild churn dash quilt blocks!

This is the first time I am using Kaffe Fassett fabrics for a quilt. I love the way they look together...nothing like the fabrics normally used for such a traditional block. When it comes time to put the whole thing together, I will probably use sashing and a pretty large outer border that can be quilted extensively with a cable pattern or something fairly curly. Maybe you guys can tell me what to do when I am ready.
The next few months are very hectic for me between the drama club (our show is in 3 weeks) and the 8th grade trip to Washington, DC that I run. Generally, I get home at 5:30 or 6 for a while now, but I still sit and sew for an hour or so to chill out and unwind. I have a few students who have worked the drama club with me before, so they are my assistant directors. Believe it or not, they are doing a stellar job!! I can actually give extra help during that time and meet with teachers for a few minutes while they are running the show! I am totally impressed by how seriously they are taking this responsibility.

Valentines wallhanging

I made this quick wallhanging from a QuickQuilts magazine a few years back. For some reason, that year had a ton of easy, fun projects that you could make in a free evening. This one is not quilted, but the front hangs by the staircase every February.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

From sunshine to snow...

My mom took Deb and me to the Edison Estate while we were in Florida. All I can say is that they really knew how to live. How lovely, while being almost simple in decor. The water right outside your veranda and all of the rooms have tons of windows and doors to let the refreshing breeze blow heaven.

Well, Deb and I are still friends after all that time in the car together. I never did actually tell her how long it took to drive there (22 hours) so she kept cursing me and threatening our 12 year friendship every time I said, "No, we are not almost there yet." She promised to never speak to me again while we were riding, but since she did most of the talking all the way home, I guess it was an idle threat. Hey, how many friends do we really have that can spend 4 days total in a car together and then spent the time in between together too, yet still not get sick of one another? Not too shabby.

It was great to see my parents for a week. The weather was gorgeous and sunny (80s and 90s) and we sat outside every minute we could since we would be back in NY before we knew it. My mom never lets you cook or really help her while you are there, so it was a real break from reality for a while. My dad is making kitchen cabinets for my brother now and that keeps him busy each day. They are going to be spectacular!! Built in sliders for the drawers and everything. Last year I got my hoosier when I went there, so I better come up with something for next year. My hoosier is one year old! Time for a party!!

Back to work and real life tomorrow. I will be working late every day since we have the play coming up in March, so tonight I will make a few things to have for dinner when I get home. Tonight is chicken soup night, one of our favorites!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Off to Florida tomorrow!

Even though our winter has been so warm and mild, it will be great to be in Florida with my mom and dad for a week. They will spoil us terribly and then send us home. My friend is coming with me, so that makes it even better. Just two grown-up girls out for some fun in the sun.I will post some pictures and notes when I am on vacation.

Hope you are all enjoying your Valentines Day! One of my students did the nicest thing today!! She knows I love cupcakes and never got to give them out in school when I was a kid (July birthday) so she made me some and gave them to me today. Then she told me to make sure I went around to my friends to give them out! A few of the kids decorated my room for Valentines Day during lunch too. What a happy time we had in school. The kids I teach this year are so thoughtful and fun.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter warmth for a friend!!

We had a winter block swap at MJF and all of us made extras so that we could make a quilt for a friend who is battling with cancer. The swap leader put them all together and sent it to me for quilting. I tried to make an original quilt design in each block. Then I did an allover pattern of loops and hearts. It was relaxing to work on this for the past two weekends since I was thinking about our friend the whole time.
I embroidered each girl's name using multicolored thread. (It looks great in person...sorry I am not much of a photographer yet!) I also included the recipient's name and the year of the quilt.

Some examples of the quilting. I hope she likes it!!

Valentines Day is here!

A bunch of us at MJF make cards for Valentines Day. Here is my pile of supplies.
A pile of cards done!! They are fun to make and really make watching tv less boring.
A close-up of a finished card. Sorry it is so shiny. I went with a blue and white color scheme on this group. They are all in the mail as of today. I have already received a bunch of them!

Halloween All Year This Year!!

This year I am dedicating my sewing/embroidery time to one holiday so that I can have a whole bunch of stuff when it comes. Usually I am trying to make one thing for each season or holiday and then I cannot find it when I want it, so this year I will do fall/Halloween stuff all year and keep them all together. Then in September I will be able to go crazy decorating each room. I am working on this witch teatowel right now. I love her!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

White Trash No More!!

Finally!! After talking about this for about two years now, we broke down and bought two new couches. Let me tell you, we waited about five years more than we should have, but at least these will be around for longer since we waited longer. How is that for justification of procrastination? Our couches have been trashed for years due to the dogs and constant use. They were extraordinarily expensive when we got them about 12 years ago and started to look like doodoo within a year or so. They faded within 6 months and then one of our dogs put a tear in the cushion and you know what happens when there is one tear...before you know it, you have ten. So, they have had blankets and sheets covering them for a very long time. Whenever my friend Deb comes over she says, "Hey! It's time!!" LOL

Here was the problem. My husband is like the Princess and the Pea! He can "feel" if something is not perfect, so picking out a couch (or most anything else for that matter) can be like, well...Hell on earth. To make this easy for me, I told him to go shopping, find one he likes and then I will go and choose fabrics with him. The couch had to be a certain size, feel and shape for his comfort, and I will lay on a rock to relax and be happy, so this was a great compromise. Also, my mom likes the ones we have because they are still very comfy and large enough for sleeping when she comes. With the back cushions off, the couch is the size of a twin mattress! We had to have that again, of course. Where would the dogs fit otherwise?

Six weeks from now, I will post the before and after shots, so you can judge for yourself. All I can say is that I will be mortified to put these out by the curb! People will most definitely talk!