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Sunday, February 24, 2008

From sunshine to snow...

My mom took Deb and me to the Edison Estate while we were in Florida. All I can say is that they really knew how to live. How lovely, while being almost simple in decor. The water right outside your veranda and all of the rooms have tons of windows and doors to let the refreshing breeze blow heaven.

Well, Deb and I are still friends after all that time in the car together. I never did actually tell her how long it took to drive there (22 hours) so she kept cursing me and threatening our 12 year friendship every time I said, "No, we are not almost there yet." She promised to never speak to me again while we were riding, but since she did most of the talking all the way home, I guess it was an idle threat. Hey, how many friends do we really have that can spend 4 days total in a car together and then spent the time in between together too, yet still not get sick of one another? Not too shabby.

It was great to see my parents for a week. The weather was gorgeous and sunny (80s and 90s) and we sat outside every minute we could since we would be back in NY before we knew it. My mom never lets you cook or really help her while you are there, so it was a real break from reality for a while. My dad is making kitchen cabinets for my brother now and that keeps him busy each day. They are going to be spectacular!! Built in sliders for the drawers and everything. Last year I got my hoosier when I went there, so I better come up with something for next year. My hoosier is one year old! Time for a party!!

Back to work and real life tomorrow. I will be working late every day since we have the play coming up in March, so tonight I will make a few things to have for dinner when I get home. Tonight is chicken soup night, one of our favorites!!


Autumn said...

I am so glad you're home!!!
The neighborhood wasn't the same without you!
I am enjoying that sunshine and warm weather you mentioned- 85 today!

Day4plus said...

It sure sounds like you had a good time---well seeing your parents was the best time. I am sorry i am late (about 2 monthes) in replying to you post on my 'Holy Houses' blog. If you have any churches you would like me to post there you could send me the pics and info to me. My email is on my profile. I just posted a church from France. MB