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Sunday, February 3, 2008

White Trash No More!!

Finally!! After talking about this for about two years now, we broke down and bought two new couches. Let me tell you, we waited about five years more than we should have, but at least these will be around for longer since we waited longer. How is that for justification of procrastination? Our couches have been trashed for years due to the dogs and constant use. They were extraordinarily expensive when we got them about 12 years ago and started to look like doodoo within a year or so. They faded within 6 months and then one of our dogs put a tear in the cushion and you know what happens when there is one tear...before you know it, you have ten. So, they have had blankets and sheets covering them for a very long time. Whenever my friend Deb comes over she says, "Hey! It's time!!" LOL

Here was the problem. My husband is like the Princess and the Pea! He can "feel" if something is not perfect, so picking out a couch (or most anything else for that matter) can be like, well...Hell on earth. To make this easy for me, I told him to go shopping, find one he likes and then I will go and choose fabrics with him. The couch had to be a certain size, feel and shape for his comfort, and I will lay on a rock to relax and be happy, so this was a great compromise. Also, my mom likes the ones we have because they are still very comfy and large enough for sleeping when she comes. With the back cushions off, the couch is the size of a twin mattress! We had to have that again, of course. Where would the dogs fit otherwise?

Six weeks from now, I will post the before and after shots, so you can judge for yourself. All I can say is that I will be mortified to put these out by the curb! People will most definitely talk!


smoothiejuice said...

good for you sheryl lyn...we finally bought our first couches 18 months ago. We had all these hand me downs and what not until then and they always look like crap...the kids sit on em, the cats, who ever just tromped through the muddiest mud oit ever decidesto sit on the couch to remove their muddy shoes, someone decides to paint over a stain they made so no one will then after awhile, slip cover, then blanket over bad slip cover and then ditch the slip cover, blanket over nasty hand me down couch...yeah see..I am so with you. we bought new me got this ultra suede crap...grat and easy to clean, but don't ever let a dripping wet fresh outta the tub kid sit on it..leaves a water mark. so you knkow how it goes in my house. Bathe 5, 6, or 7 kids or more, wrap em in a towel, send em to the couch until I bring out all the after doing this night after night for several weeks we are what is going on with our new furniture..looks like poo poo. So we figured it our, irreversible...and now is in the sunniest most beautiful room of my couches...not they look very bizarre. Good luck with your new furniture..I should have bought concrete sofas until the kids are grown.

Sheryl-lyn said...

Jess: I am so with you on that concrete idea!! We will always have dogs, so we have to keep that in mind with the color, fabric, etc.

Can't wait to show you all pictures of the new ones!

smoothiejuice said...

he he he...just hose em down every now and again!

Bonne said...

Sheryl-lyn, Have you ever seen that pic of the "Redneck Swing"? It's an old loveseat hung from a tree in the yard.
Whenever I see a couch on the curb with a "free" sign, I tease hubby, "There's our new Swing for the front yard!" LOL