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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Off to Florida tomorrow!

Even though our winter has been so warm and mild, it will be great to be in Florida with my mom and dad for a week. They will spoil us terribly and then send us home. My friend is coming with me, so that makes it even better. Just two grown-up girls out for some fun in the sun.I will post some pictures and notes when I am on vacation.

Hope you are all enjoying your Valentines Day! One of my students did the nicest thing today!! She knows I love cupcakes and never got to give them out in school when I was a kid (July birthday) so she made me some and gave them to me today. Then she told me to make sure I went around to my friends to give them out! A few of the kids decorated my room for Valentines Day during lunch too. What a happy time we had in school. The kids I teach this year are so thoughtful and fun.

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Beverly said...

Sheryl...hope you are having a wonderful time in sunny FLA! We miss you here up north!!