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Monday, March 3, 2014

Rob and Ali's wedding quilt (border blast by Thimbleberries) is quilted. Bridal shower favors almost done!

Here is the quilted product for Rob and Ali!  I am happy to have it back now.  I will bind it this week so I can give it to Ali at her shower this weekend.  Deb at Divine Quilting did a beautiful job on a very, very imperfect quilt top.  Must I remind you what a nightmare this top gave me?  Seams pulled apart, fabric frayed, sides became elongated, yada, yada, yada.  However, it looks gorgeous and not too many people will see the problems now that it's done.  I have to fix a few things with hand sewing and fray- check but I still do love it.

I made homemade trail mix for shower favors.  Rob saw them the other day and stole one!  He said he needs it for when he is between classes in college.  I have exactly the right amount now, so no one better show up if they didn't RSVP!  Hey, btw what's up with people not RSVPing anyway?  The girls doing the shower had so much trouble getting people to let them know if they were coming or not, but most of them were planning on coming!  Why not let people know right away?  Funny, right? I have been guilty of that too, but won't do it again.  
I also made homemade soap and put them in these bags with a scrubby.  What fun I had making the bags and the tags!  The top of the bag is a folded cupcake paper!  When I saw that on Pinterest, I knew I had to use that idea.
My dining room table is a hot mess right now, but it's all worth it to make Ali's day special for her.