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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long Island Axman

This is our friend's driveway, covered completely by a very tall tree that fell during the freak storm we had tonight.
Kenny getting his chaps on. He is wearing shorts underneath because it was 95 degrees here today.

His cousin had to come with his tractor to move the logs and big branches out of the way after Kenny cut the tree all up. At least there will be a bit of winter wood from it. With less building going on here because of the economy, getting firewood is not going to be as easy as past years. We get it wherever we can. We did go out for ice cream after we were done.

Tonight is the season finale of Axmen on the History Channel. We love that show, and my poor husband was having serious chainsaw envy every time we watched it. So, tonight he got to have a little fun with his Stihl saw, which he says is better than Husqvarna! :)

Some quilt tops from the most recent mystery quilt tours at the quilt shop.

This was our Italian night quilt. It is called Spaghetti and Meatballs, of course. I have a light brown inner border to attach and a dark brown and red one for the outside. Maybe this week. Not one of my favorites to make (boring for the most part, but it matches my couches and is small, so I might quilt it this summer).
This one was Holland. I liked making this one a lot. Loved the tulips and the colors. This one can go into the box with the other finished tops from this year. Next time we are doing Switzerland (in August) and then POLAND!!! in September. Cannot wait.
Well, this is not a new quilt. I made it for Evelyn when she turned 16. I had also just gotten my embroidery machine and was having fun playing with it for her quilt. Each block focuses on a family member or memory and has a picture in it and some decorative pieces to go with that. For example, on Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill's block, there is a picture of her daughter's wedding and some buttons that are log cabins like their house. On the one with my parents, there is their picture and some boat buttons because they always took the kids to the beach. I embroidered messages to her all over it and all of her friends' names in various places. It is pretty used up already (the pictures won't last because I had to use the iron-on types since the good inkjet fabric was not available yet. She loves it anyway.
Close up of a block. This was a Flamenco dancer in Spain. She loved that part of the trip, naturally. The guy was really cute.

I have dinner in the oven (ribs cooking slowly--a recipe from my mother) and coleslaw and macaroni salad. Then we are taking a ride over to the beach to look at shorebirds and then go out for ice cream. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. Hope you all have the best week ever!! SUMMER is here and things are growing. Only 3 weeks of school left now.

Penny and Millie

I never introduced you guys to Penny (aka Penelope). She is our black lab and a real spitfire. What a funny dog she is, too. When she wants to lay with you, she slithers from the ground onto your lap, just like an eel. Then she will just lay there and not move, so you won't kick her off. Millie is the yellow, and she is more classy than that. Millie is 9 1/2 now. Penny is 4. Of course, they went swimming in the river today (it was 95 here this afternoon). I'll put pictures of them in the river next time.