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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long Island Axman

This is our friend's driveway, covered completely by a very tall tree that fell during the freak storm we had tonight.
Kenny getting his chaps on. He is wearing shorts underneath because it was 95 degrees here today.

His cousin had to come with his tractor to move the logs and big branches out of the way after Kenny cut the tree all up. At least there will be a bit of winter wood from it. With less building going on here because of the economy, getting firewood is not going to be as easy as past years. We get it wherever we can. We did go out for ice cream after we were done.

Tonight is the season finale of Axmen on the History Channel. We love that show, and my poor husband was having serious chainsaw envy every time we watched it. So, tonight he got to have a little fun with his Stihl saw, which he says is better than Husqvarna! :)


Autumn said...

Reminds me of the hurricane!!!
We had 80 trees that size on our place- looked like pick up sticks!!!
They fell everywhere around our main house but not one limb was ON our home!! What a blessing!!
Firewood is plentiful here- too bad winter is so mild and short!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Wow! Autumn, you were lucky, huh? It was such a mess where I work that we had a two hour delay and then the kids went home because we had no power. Kind of exciting though since no one was hurt. It will be a day to remember for the students and us.

Bonne said...

Good man! Stihl is the choice of those that know!
According to my hubby, a man can never have enuff chainsaws........kinda like me and sewing

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Look like a hurricane blew through! So glad your hubby got to play with his toy..LOL

Farmchick said...


I found my way to you via Country Pleasures..had to mention that I know you will love your Kitchen Aid--I have had mine for 13 years and I couldn't live without it!!!
Stop by and visit me someday!


Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

WOW! I saw on the news where the East Coast was getting hit with storms. Glad your husband got everything cleared away and everyone is ok.

smoothiejuice said...

hello sheryl!

Ron said...

Hi folks from the western Wyoming mountains. It got down to -15 last night (two nights in a row with more to come). We moved to our little town some 34 years ago. Two years into our stay I got rid of a small chainsaw and bought a 65 husky which I still have. Less than 5 years later they stopped making this model, so it would now be considered an ancient model, but I have used it on over 350 chords (4x8x8 ft) of lodgepole pine. We use 7 to 8 cords a year and my son cut firewood for sale for 4 summers to pay for room and board at college (he had a full ride for everything else). So, I will stick with my husky. I bring in and stack my wood in 4 and 8 ft lengths and then cut it up during the winter as we need it, so I will crank her up again in a few days. I am 68 years young, wife 65, and we have a large garden in summer at close to 7,000 feet above sea level. I quite the engineering rat race at age 34 and we moved here from south Florida (Barbara was born and raised there, her dad was a tomato grower for 40 years). You can see pictures of our place on the Wind River if you go to and navigate to the "Ron and Barbara" page. We used to can and all the rest of it, but Barbara is now down to young goats and six rabbits (2 dogs and a cat also). We go most days to our Senior Citizens Center for lunch and Barbara does not cook nearly as much, but even though I have not hunted for the past 8 years we still have a 21 cu.ft. freezer half full of elk and deer, some trout, etc. The rest is filled with spinach, carrots, rhubarb, etc. with potatoes in the root cellar.
Our town has a very active quilting group and we have quite a few artists living here. The town used to be a lumber town, but the govt. forced the mill to close by not giving them any contracts for timber. The forest here is really dying fast now. It is the forest fires that harvest our forests now.
Well, good fortune and may the Lord bless you and yours in this phase of our economy. He has and does with us. Ron and Barbara Johnson, Dubois, Wyoming PS. I have 4 pages of photos in our website of our local environment. Come to us and view them.

Sheryl-lyn said...

It was so cool to come on here and see some of your comments!! I have missed my blog!

Ron, I will find you and check out your blog.

My husband just got another Stihl!! Wants to move to Oregon and just cut it all!!! LOL