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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Penny and Millie

I never introduced you guys to Penny (aka Penelope). She is our black lab and a real spitfire. What a funny dog she is, too. When she wants to lay with you, she slithers from the ground onto your lap, just like an eel. Then she will just lay there and not move, so you won't kick her off. Millie is the yellow, and she is more classy than that. Millie is 9 1/2 now. Penny is 4. Of course, they went swimming in the river today (it was 95 here this afternoon). I'll put pictures of them in the river next time.


smoothiejuice said...

how fun do those 2 look....hmmm....wonder if we could get our dog to not...a bath is as much as she can handle...although it is 95 here too, so maybe she will reconsider sometime.

Beverly said...

How sweet! You gotta love labs! Maddie would love to go swimming with them!

Katy said...

How totally parents' dog is a black lab named Penny too! LOL I named her...hehe!
They got their other dog from they named her Cali. When trying to name this dog...I said since they got her from PA (where we live..LOL) the should call her Penny. And they did....haha! ;)