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Monday, August 3, 2015

More blocks for Halloween quilt! Getting down to the last 8 or so to go!

Today is the first time in about 4 days that I got to the sewing machine.  This is the first block of the day.  Tonight I will get another one done.  The goal is all blocks done by Thursday so I can get on the sashings.  We all love owls in our family.  Guess we inherited that from my nana.
That scarecrow is so cute!  The blocks are about 8 inches square so they fit on my middle sized hoop.

Ghosty fun!

Love this one!  I don't use pure white for the embroidered ghosts.  Just a touch off of white, which I think looks good.

Love the frog and the spider web in the corner.  Check out the angry pumpkin.

How cute are those little trick or treaters?  Look at the little details...a witch flying, ghosts coming out of the window, owls, a sinister tree!  So much to see.