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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fan quilt ready for quilting

I took a new class this past week and will take the second half this Friday night, so I thought I should get this quilt ready for quilting this weekend before the next one has to be done. The colors did not really come out in this picture, but the background is a pale lavender. It is such a soft color and it looks so peaceful for this quilt.The border fabric is the same one I used for the fans. The dark border on the inside is a fabric I had in my stash.
Every time I go to take pictures outside, it is windy. I always forget how the wind is always blowing here! Stack and whack was a ton of fun and really easy. I think I will keep the quilting kind of simple and do it mostly in the light parts of the quilt.

Today Ken made some repairs to the chicken coop. New roof, some walls replaced. It was an all day job, but at least it will be like new for my girls!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Halloween in April

Today was a five hour class called Slice and Dice at Pieceful Quilting in Riverhead. What a great time we all had making these quilts. I used a bunch of vintage Halloween fabric to make this for Ken.
Don't you just love these fabrics? I plan to make a bunch of these for other holidays and some babies I know are on the way. We just LOVE Halloween here and I make things for it all year long. These colors were great to use today. Some of the other ladies made quilts with deep colors which were gorgeous. They looked like real stained glass. It is so cool to see how all the quilts come out different even though it is the same pattern.

I promised myself I would start it and finish it today and it was easy to do. Tonight I am working on an old project I want to get done. During the Christmas vacation, I made a list of all the things I had to finish and so far I am making some serious progress. Of course, I always find something else I just have to make, so I tell myself it's ok, as long as I get it done in a few days. :)

The ark is coming for us...

When we had all that rain on Monday and Tuesday, our little town was overwhelmed. These two cars were left in the road because they got stuck in the water.The water at the river was almost up to the road by Wednesday and is still there. The Red Cross had to come in to help some people who lost their houses. We never had anything this bad before. Our neighbors are still having water in their yards at this time.
The water covered area is where the grass usually is. This tree is where Rob's garden is in the summer.

View of the river from the road on the first day of rain.
My neighbor's backyard! The water went into his garage.

Well, I guess the ark isn't coming after all. At least we have canoes. They are tearing up our road AGAIN to fix wiring and pipes that are always getting flooded when it rains. It's a mess.