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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The ark is coming for us...

When we had all that rain on Monday and Tuesday, our little town was overwhelmed. These two cars were left in the road because they got stuck in the water.The water at the river was almost up to the road by Wednesday and is still there. The Red Cross had to come in to help some people who lost their houses. We never had anything this bad before. Our neighbors are still having water in their yards at this time.
The water covered area is where the grass usually is. This tree is where Rob's garden is in the summer.

View of the river from the road on the first day of rain.
My neighbor's backyard! The water went into his garage.

Well, I guess the ark isn't coming after all. At least we have canoes. They are tearing up our road AGAIN to fix wiring and pipes that are always getting flooded when it rains. It's a mess.

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Ruth said...

It is such a mess. We have been blessed to be spared. It is going to rain here again in a couple of days. We are not looking forward to it. My heart goes out to those who still have so much cleanup to do.