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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Holly Lane, some runners, and Calendar Girls Block of the Month

Holly Lane is a six month block of the month project that I started four months ago. This is a very pretty quilt for the Christmas season. The fabrics are so Victorian and sweet. However, it takes a long time to make each block because there are a ton of very little pieces! I usually cut and label each piece one night (or afternoon) and then put them together the next day. You have to be so careful or the pieces won't line up properly, which will make crooked houses. Only two more months to go, and it will be ready for quilting.
Yesterday there was a class at the quilt store that taught us how to make a table runner in 15 minutes. The two shown below are from the class. It is such a nice, easy runner that I will probably make a bunch more. They really are that fast.

Once a month at the quilt shop we go to a class called Calendar Girls. Each month you get a different pattern to make a wallhanging or a part of a whole quilt that will have a block for each month. I am making mine as a whole quilt. This is February. Very easy and fun, plus you use your own fabric. It is great and inspiring to see how everyone does theirs each month.

This was a fun vacation from school. Kenny and I went to see my parents in Florida and had a great time there. We go to go on the boat, Kenny went fishing with my dad and the weather was perfect. It was a nice break from the serious winter we have had here. Only another month or so and it will be nice here, but it was great to get a preview this week!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

another quilt done totally!!

Years ago, we did a Block of the Month at Pieceful Quilting that was so pretty and soft looking. I loved these colors and fabrics, so this past November, I put it all together and quilted it before Thanksgiving (actually, I quilted it the day before Thanksgiving!!). I did a cross-hatch design, but instead of straight stitching, I used my specialty stitches. I changed them every other line, so it looks like a sampler of quilting stitches too. If you click on any of the pictures, you can see the quilting more closely. There are NO puckers on the back or front of this quilt!
My friend, Colleen, at the quilt shop picked the binding out for me. I love it. I made the binding last week and put it on last night since I have been super busy at school doing the play and other stuff until this past weekend. Now I am free again, so will be able to come home and sew a little more each day.

The butterfly block is one of my favorites!! I plan to make an entire quilt with them this year. In the 30s and 40s, it was a common quilt pattern, so I have to make one for my collection!

My friend Debbie has never sewn in her life, but wanted to learn how after her mom passed away this October. Her mom was an excellent seamstress and Deb wants to sew in order to feel another connection to her. She cut and sewed this quilt top together using all flannels. She cut one for my son's girlfriend while she was at it. I will have her sew that one together too so we can give it to Ali this spring. Finally, after dragging Deb to all those quilt stores for years, she is getting hooked!