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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aprons, aprons, aprons!

A few weeks ago, we made these adorable pillows in a class at Pieceful Quilting.  Our teacher, Colleen, came up with the design while she was shopping for a dress!  How smart is that?  It requires 2 inch strips and I had this jelly roll with Halloween fabrics, so I made it for Halloween.  My daughter loved it, so she will get to keep it now that Halloween is over.

 Just look at that great fabric!!  I love it.
I made quite a few aprons this fall.  This is a 50s pattern I got while in Washington state last summer.  A little more complicated than usual, but still pretty easy.  I made this for my friend Kathy who always does so much for my family and is very generous with her Vermont condo!!
The pocket is a flower!!  So very cute (and it was easy).

Same pattern, different fabric!  Don't you just love the jello?  I have this one hanging in my mud room with the other aprons.  I still want to make one more before I move onto another pattern style.  Maybe next week.
I made this at a class a few weeks ago.  It is a super easy pattern.  Evelyn picked out the fabric so I made it for her.  It just looks too cute on her.
 Don't you love the fabric?  I cannot believe Evelyn chose this instead of something more modern!  It made me so happy!
This is a cranberry cherry pie!! It was fun and easy to make.  I just had to make it look like a jack-o-lantern!!  It was gone in one night!