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Monday, May 27, 2013

Another happy engagement and a new puppy love!

About a month ago, we lost our funny little puppy Emma (she was almost a year old) when she ran out into the street in the dark and was hit by a car.  It was one of the saddest things to happen around here and our whole family (and our friends) were devastated.  That was one funny and super smart dog!  We still cannot think about it without feeling depressed.  When our breeder heard about it, she wanted us to have a new puppy right away so Ken could train and hunt a good dog again this fall.  She had someone with a great litter and two weeks later we had this little thing in our lives.  Her name is Lily and she is such a lovable, happy little girl.

Here is Lily meeting Evelyn for the first time!!  It was love at first sight.  Do you notice that ring Evelyn is sporting on her left hand?  Another engagement for us!!  Jon proposed to her on her birthday a few weeks ago.  We are so happy that both of our kids are in wonderful and healthy relationships with a person perfect for them.

The happy couple less than 12 hours after it became official!!  Their wedding will be within a year.  Evy and I are working on prices, locations, dates and all of that.  All will be settled by June!  It's going to be simple and small, so not too much stress on anyone.

Lily as of last night.  She is so easy so far.  She sleeps at least 6 hours in the night which means we get a little more sleep than we did with Emma when she was a pup.  Lily knows her name already and she knows how to sit and fetch.  We are having fun with her.  Of course Penny--our older lab, is not over the moon about another puppy with needle teeth crawling all over her, but she is enduring it! :)

Tumbler block quilt using accuquilt

This was a good long weekend of sewing! I finished a chevron top on Saturday and left it at the quilter's shop! Then I finished this tumbler quilt. The fabric was Salt Air which is perfect for summer. There are a few blocks from another fun collection that I like too! This will go in the guest bedroom my mom stays in. Hope you are enjoying a lovely Memorial Day. Thanks to all of our veterans and their families!