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Monday, September 17, 2012

Classy pillowcase class at Pieceful Quilting

Last week I took a great class for a new pillowcase at Pieceful Quilting!  Colleen at the store came up with a great design that allows you to put the pillow in and there is a flap built in so that you cannot see the pillow once it's inside.  She is just so clever!  No more pillows coming out of the case!  I convinced Debbie and Evelyn to take the class as well, so there is Debbie getting some help from Colleen.
While I was in Connecticut in August, I saw this great Halloween fabric and knew it would become pillowcases for me and Ken.  We enjoy reading the fun movie titles.

Here is my Evelyn working on her pillowcases.  She has never really used a sewing machine, so this was a first of many firsts!  She made hers out of a nice fall flannel...she only uses flannel pillowcases, no matter what the season.

I love, love my pillow cases.
Evelyn chose the lime green I used as my little trim.  I chose the owl fabric as my cuff because both my nana (who passed away many years ago unfortunately) and Evelyn love owls.  Makes me think of them as I make the bed.

My neighbor, Ron, is a part-time farmer and gives me cases of tomatoes in the fall if he has a good year.  This year was REALLY good!  He dropped off 6 cases of tomatoes last weekend and a case of peppers.  Rob took two cases of tomatoes and all of the peppers (super hot varieties) and made salsa.  I spent this week making regular sauce.  Today I am finally done!!  It smelled great while I was cooking it.  My friends think I am nuts for doing all that work when I can buy sauce that is just as good!  They are probably right, but I still enjoy making things myself for now.  Maybe not in a few more years! LOL!  There is nothing like opening a jar of sauce in the snowy winter and smellling summer again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Wool Block of the Month

Finally finished September's wool BOM!  I used some cute buttons along the grass line.  
Tomorrow night is our monthly sit and sew at PQ!  I am so looking forward to being with all my quilting friends for the evening.  I will probably bring the next month's wool piece to work on while I am there.  I am also hoping to get my batty placemats quilted tomorrow night. This weekend I will make the coasters as well.  Can't wait to put all of my Halloween stuff out.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day at the Beach

I am back to work tomorrow so wanted to get all the summer fun in this weekend!  Here is my Evelyn enjoying beach time. 

Yesterday we had a family day at the ocean.  Ken and Rob did a little fishing while the girls went swimming.  We also just sat and relaxed.  We get to go all the way to the inlet since we all have beach permits, which keeps us from all the crowds.
Ali and Charlie enjoyed sitting in Charlie's little sun shelter.  Yes, this is really Charlie's shelter!  He is such a good little dog too!  We all like having him around!  OMG!  I just realized that the seaweed at the bottom of the picture looks like a bunch of big spiders!  Scary!  LOL
I am in a block swap at Pieceful Quilting and the theme was Civil War fabric.  We all had to make 12 blocks in Civil War fabric and bring them to the shop.  They will then give us 12 different blocks from other people so we will have a very pretty quilt with all sorts of fabrics.  All of the blocks will be the same pattern, just different fabrics.  Can't wait to pick mine up next weekend and sew them together.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A baby quilt for Katy

This quilt was started for my friend Sally before she was even married!  I was in a mystery quilt class and as we were making this one, I knew I would make this as a baby quilt for Sally even though she was not married and did not have kids yet!  She was getting married soon and I knew she was planning to have a baby right away.  So, I made the blocks and they sat in my sewing room for a few years.  In that time, Sally married and had a beautiful baby girl!  Since she is two years old now, I am glad that the quilt is large enough for her little bed!  I gave it to Sally on Thursday when we had to go to work on the first day.  Since she was missing her little girl, it was perfect timing.  Plus is was freezing in the room we had to have meetings in, so she covered herself with the quilt!

I got these fun embroidery designs from!  They are called Baby Animals in Their Pajamas.  They are just the cutest things ever, and if you look closely you can see how clever the designers were.  I didn't use them all in this quilt, so I cannot wait to use the rest.  Many of the people in my life are either pregnant now or just had a new baby, so I have lots of quilting time ahead of me.  I have to say that even the quilting was fun on this one. 
My phone camera usually does a good job with pictures, but it was so sunny outside when we took this picture that it makes the quilt look too dark and bumpy.  It's actually very smooth since I use the spray on basting now.  I love that stuff.