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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day at the Beach

I am back to work tomorrow so wanted to get all the summer fun in this weekend!  Here is my Evelyn enjoying beach time. 

Yesterday we had a family day at the ocean.  Ken and Rob did a little fishing while the girls went swimming.  We also just sat and relaxed.  We get to go all the way to the inlet since we all have beach permits, which keeps us from all the crowds.
Ali and Charlie enjoyed sitting in Charlie's little sun shelter.  Yes, this is really Charlie's shelter!  He is such a good little dog too!  We all like having him around!  OMG!  I just realized that the seaweed at the bottom of the picture looks like a bunch of big spiders!  Scary!  LOL
I am in a block swap at Pieceful Quilting and the theme was Civil War fabric.  We all had to make 12 blocks in Civil War fabric and bring them to the shop.  They will then give us 12 different blocks from other people so we will have a very pretty quilt with all sorts of fabrics.  All of the blocks will be the same pattern, just different fabrics.  Can't wait to pick mine up next weekend and sew them together.

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