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Monday, September 17, 2012

Classy pillowcase class at Pieceful Quilting

Last week I took a great class for a new pillowcase at Pieceful Quilting!  Colleen at the store came up with a great design that allows you to put the pillow in and there is a flap built in so that you cannot see the pillow once it's inside.  She is just so clever!  No more pillows coming out of the case!  I convinced Debbie and Evelyn to take the class as well, so there is Debbie getting some help from Colleen.
While I was in Connecticut in August, I saw this great Halloween fabric and knew it would become pillowcases for me and Ken.  We enjoy reading the fun movie titles.

Here is my Evelyn working on her pillowcases.  She has never really used a sewing machine, so this was a first of many firsts!  She made hers out of a nice fall flannel...she only uses flannel pillowcases, no matter what the season.

I love, love my pillow cases.
Evelyn chose the lime green I used as my little trim.  I chose the owl fabric as my cuff because both my nana (who passed away many years ago unfortunately) and Evelyn love owls.  Makes me think of them as I make the bed.

My neighbor, Ron, is a part-time farmer and gives me cases of tomatoes in the fall if he has a good year.  This year was REALLY good!  He dropped off 6 cases of tomatoes last weekend and a case of peppers.  Rob took two cases of tomatoes and all of the peppers (super hot varieties) and made salsa.  I spent this week making regular sauce.  Today I am finally done!!  It smelled great while I was cooking it.  My friends think I am nuts for doing all that work when I can buy sauce that is just as good!  They are probably right, but I still enjoy making things myself for now.  Maybe not in a few more years! LOL!  There is nothing like opening a jar of sauce in the snowy winter and smellling summer again.

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Colleen said...

I am so glad you had a good time at the class! I enjoy every student! And that sauce looks awesome too.