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Friday, December 19, 2008

This was our spring...I miss the river, but love the snow!!

Well, I am finally back to this blog!! We were not able to post pictures on the computer for the longest time, and I thougth my blog would bore me without the pictures. This is my son, Rob and my father on the river. This picture is from an article I wrote for Small Town Living.
I have been so busy with school and home. For Christmas, I made aprons, curtains, placemats and napkins. With any luck, I can post some of them soon. Just don't want to give anything away to anyone looking here at their gifts.
This fall, I made a nice quilt top for my husband, Ken. I plan to quilt it during Christmas vacation. The quilt I made for my embroidery class is finally ready for quilting. It just might be my best yet. I'll post it this weekend.
Well, we have snow again!! What a fun day. We watched "A Christmas Carol" in school while the snow was falling. We read it last week and the kids loved watching it so far. It was just so nice and festive to watch the movie and know that the snow was piling up. Only two more days of work and I am off for 12 days. Can't beat that!!

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