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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sure seems like Christmas!!

We had a nice snowfall last night and it is still snowy and cold today. I went to my quilt classes anyway (you just cannot keep quilters away from the quilt shop!!!) and got some fabric for upcoming projects. Right now I have to make a few more aprons and a set of placemats with napkins and towels for some friends. I picked out a really retro fabric for an apron for me. Cannot wait to get started. (During vacation!!)

We decorated the tree last night and it looks so beautiful. The kids were home and we all did the tree together from start to finish. A glass of wine, Christmas music and a fun time as a family. Very cool.

Tonight we are going out to dinner. A local place that has good seafood and steaks. Our anniversary was this past week, so we will celebrate at dinner. Then tomorrow I will clean the house all day after church so that everything is neat and clean for the holidays.


Wanda said...

It seems like you have quit a bit of snow. If we get 2"or 3" here it pretty much shuts things down for a while. We always seem to get Freezing rain with our snow and that is the bad stuff. Have fun quilting and sewing. I am a first time visitor. TTFN

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Sheryl, Happy belated Anniversary! Thanks for dropping by to see me. :0) You have a great week..

Queen of Dreamsz