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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Falling leaves quilt, actually quilted too!

This is a closeup of how I quilted the leaves. I made them look like the veins in the leaves, which made them a little like trapunto. They feel cool when you run your hand over them.

I started this quilt for my husband in the fall. He just loves the fall season and wishes it lasted longer, so I made this for him to see falling leaves every day. When I was quilting this, I tried new designs (I was looking at a book with patterns as I was quilting on the machine) and it really came out great. No lumps ANYWHERE (shocking really) and no hidden messes on the back. Amazing. :)
Well, in addition to this quilt, I finished my year long reading of the Bible. I used the Charles Stanley study version and it was much better than attempting it all on my own. Today was the last day!! I think I will do a study of the Psalms or something now to keep it going. It was a very comforting thing to do each day, and took stress away.


smoothiejuice said...

your quilts continue to become more and more fabulous, what a treat for your hubs! once again, great work sheryl-lyn!

Bonne said...

ditto ditto
that is an absolutely stunning creation Sheryl-lyn!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Sheryl, The quilt is just beautiful. I love the falling leaves too. :0) I know your hubs just loves it.


Autumn said...

Exquisite quilt,as usual!!!!

I have an assignment for you in Ireland! :) OK not really- but I sure wish I was going!! My hubby(Carroll) is Irish-and I just love the music-lore and culture- at least what I know of it!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Thanks guys!! I loved making this quilt and I really enjoyed the quilting part which is not usually my favorite.

Autumn, you should come with us!! It's just me, Evelyn and my friend from work so far. What a grand time we would have. Let's hope the economy is ok and we can spare the money next year.

Beverly said...

Now that is one beautiful quilt! I love it!!!