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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Only 3 more days!!!

The top tree is the one we have on the front porch. It is real, with tiny white lights. The bottom one is our Christmas tree in the house. It really looks so beautiful every year. Funny how I hate dragging it out from the attic and putting it together. Once it is up, I hate to take it down.
We went out for a little while today to get apples (sadly, our last visit to the apple farm until next September! That weekly trip is our favorite). Then we went to Santa's Christmas Tree Farm and got a few more glass ornaments for the tree. That is a magical place to go and a person could sure get caught up in it all and spend a fortune!!
The woodstove is roaring now and it is so relaxing to sit here next to it. The day was so dark and rainy, which is so much colder (feeling at least) than a snowy one. Hope you are having a good night and relaxing by your own personal idea of a woodstove.


smoothiejuice said...

absolutely gorgeous ur tree....i will steal theporch idea next yr.

Sheryl-lyn said...

Hi Jess!! The porch tree is my favorite!! We stole the idea from a house we drove by a few years ago, so steal away.