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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looks like snow, so why is Ken cutting grass?

New trailer we are not buying. Too big for our driveway and equipment. It all fit so nice in there though!!
Here is the sky behind our garage. Sure looks like snow might come, huh? Actually, we are supposed to get warmer tonight into tomorrow.

Sky to the left of our house.

Kenny starting the lawn mower. Hey, it's time to hibernate...not work!

Our big mower. Can you cut grass that is covered by snow? Probably not! Have you ever seen a man who is about to stop working for a month or so? He is not exactly relaxed!! That's my truck in the background. Love it!!

Ken's brand new truck. Now, let me tell you that this is such a leap of faith for us. Most of our clients are stockbrokers (uh-oh) and we will not know how this economy is affecting our business until sometime in March. However, our truck was already over ten years old and really needed to be replaced. We need a new trailer too!! Ours is 19 years old. We tried a new one today, but it was too hard to turn in our driveway, so we took it back. Won't think about it anymore until next week. The places around here will let you try stuff before you buy (probably like that where you are too) so at least you don't make a $$$$ mistake, and then have to live with it. Poor Ken was stressing out trying to get that thing backed up and out of our driveway!!

Sewing an apron tonight after dinner. Oh!!! I made Bigos tonight. That is a Polish stew with pork, saurkraut, cabbage, etc. It is so delicious.


Autumn said...

You guys have a landscaping business? Very cool!! Grass ALWAYS grows in the south- those folks make lots of money year round down here!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Hey Autumn!

Yes, we are a family business. Our son works for us and we have one other guy. Plus, we all work together when it is really busy. Living down south sure does have an appeal...Maybe someday!

Autumn said...

Oh girl- the grass NEVER stops growing around here!!!!!
Our town is small and there must be 15 or more lawn companies and that many independents as well.

I love it when families can work together! Very cool for sure!