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Friday, January 2, 2009

Rob's Polish International Mystery Quilt

This quilt was made as part of an International Mystery Quilt class I took a few months back. For a mystery quilt, you sign up, choose a colorway and then when you get to class, you have no idea what the quilt will look like. You are told what to cut, how to put it together as you go and then you will see the finished product. This was Poland. The blocks are anvils and the colors represent the Polish steelworking industry which is still important to their economy. This is considered a more graphic quilt than the others we usually do. I think I like it. What about you? Do you prefer a more subtle look? More blended?
Although it is Poland, I did add a red border that has fish on it. Since I knew I was giving it to Rob, I thought the fish were important!! Actually, the fish on the border looks like a fish that has always alluded him in our river. The border print is a Japanese fabric, so I guess that makes it multicultural. :) I quilted the whole thing yesterday! An allover pattern on the main part of the quilt, then I tried some designs on each border. I did a good job of not having any lumps in the quilt again. I have been using a spray adhesive (that is not gummy at all) and that seems to be better for me than basting or pinning. I get my quilts a lot flatter that way and I can keep adjusting it as I go along.
It is snowing here again!! Just a light snow, but snow just the same. Very pretty and quiet outside. See you tomorrow!
Oh, Rob is in the background playing a video game and his girlfriend is the one holding up the quilt. She is a cutie, but is hidden behind my work.


smoothiejuice said...

ok..all in one day sheryl? you are amazing. i have wondered how the spray adhesive works, tell me more please? i just love that japanese koi print, so gorgeous, I bet he loves his quilt...such a lucky fella to have you...ok and we need to see the gorgeous girls face!!!!

monica said...

Sheryl-lyn, Your quilts are just amazing! I think I am going to have to make a leaf one now! I could just look at yours all day! I love the red border around the black and white!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Monica: The leaf quilt was not too hard to do. Just a lot of leaf cutting and machine embroidering. After that, it went together like a charm. I used colors just like the one the magazine had in it.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Another fabulous've got a whole kingdom of fairies hidden up there to help you..I just know it!!

Hugs, Steph