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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day in history and in quilting

A quilting class I am taking this week is a scrap quilt designed to use a lot of your fabric stash. So, I have to cut about 2000, yes, 2000 pieces before Thursday night. I have made a good dent in it already.
This is what the finished quilt will look like. It is really lovely in person. Can't wait to see it done.

All day and night I have been glued to the television watching Obama's big day (our nation's really). We watched with the kids at school and now I am watching the Obamas attend the parties. I cannot believe how touched I was by this whole thing today. When I think about how far our country has come in my relatively short lifetime, it is almost too much to fathom. I used to teach in an all-black alternative school and I would tell my students that they should aspire to be a president instead of a prisoner (they were all about an inch away from a major jail sentence at all times) and they would laugh and say, "Yeah, right! In our lifetime?" Well, that was only about fifteen years ago and look at us. I wonder if any of them are thinking of our time back then when nothing seemed possible for them. (Some of those kids turned out to be pretty good adults in the end, I am proud to say.) I teach in an all-white school now! Funny how the world turns.


Autumn said...

Northern snow is so clean! :)
Looks lovely!

Ruth said...

Wow~the quilt looks like alot of work.

Love the snow pictures. We are still covered in snow here, too.