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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Apron fabric for winter projects

The top apron is for a friend at school who says her kids make her clothes dirty (with jelly, peanut butter, etc) every morning before she comes to work.
The fabric is from a quilt shop we visit in Connecticut called Quilter's Alley. It's such a great place with many different fabrics that you cannot get everywhere. They have a nice collection of Kaffe, Amy Butler and other more modern fabric creators, plus a great selection of Repro fabric (which is my very favorite). This morning after church I cut the pieces so that I can make two of the aprons from the Christmas issue of MJF magazine. I'll probably start sewing them tonight.
Well, my vacation is over and it was so good to be home just doing whatever I wanted for 12 days. Tomorrow at school, we will start an intensive state test prep session that will last for a little over two weeks. Not my favorite, but most of the kids need it since they do not read on their own (declining reading/English scores all over prove this out year after year). My kids do pretty well by state standards, but I would like them to be even higher.
Off for a walk in the wildlife refuge with Kenny. See you later this week.


Bonne said...

**gasp** must...have....kitty
That gives me an idea. I want to make some skirts with kitties in the fabric. Not all over kitties, but a kitty here and a kitty there. I guess I better start hauling out my fabrics and start putting them into combos and start brainstorming......hugs, B

Sheryl-lyn said...

Bonne: You are too funny! If I have kitty leftovers, I'll send some your way. XXOO