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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I have been tagged!! I don't know who to tag though!

I got tagged by my friend, Beverly, yesterday and now I have to tell you seven weird things about myself. I am supposed to tag seven more people, but I think all of my friends have already been tagged. Thinking about seven things that are odd about me should be easy since all day long people say, "You are just so weird!!" But I am having a hard time thinking...

ONE: My car looks like a homeless person lives in it. I do not clean it and I just keep bringing more stuff into it with the idea that someday I will clean it out again!

TWO: I laugh when I make bubbles in the bathtub the "natural" way.

THREE: Paying bills is not my thing, so finally had to get the automatic withdrawal thing on my account so they pay themselves.

FOUR: I don't wear deodorant. (Usually, I don't stink though)

FIVE: I don't shave my legs from September through June

SIX: Mice terrify me

SEVEN: I love dark, rainy days and nights

Do you think I am weird, too?


Beverly said...

All I can say, is you must not have much hair on your legs...Personally I would turn into a gorilla by the time 1 week passed!! LOL.. Bubbles in the tub........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

smoothiejuice said...

okay guess what i dont shave my legs in winter either..why waste time, no matter what!

Bubbles in the tub are great!

Once someone actually gave me money because he thought me and the kids lived in our is a running joke between me and most of my husbands is especially funny because my kids go to the most expensive private school in town.

Sheryl-lyn said...

We are all so much alike, aren't we? Funny how we all got brought together at MJF!!

Autumn said...

HA! That was wonderful! So you're not the "prim and proper" type,eh?
What a fun bunch of facts to know- good thing we're your friends- your secrets are safe with us!!!

GardenGoose said...

LOL this post made me laugh out loud..ha.

nashbabe said...

If you're weird, so am I. Oh, wait a minute. I AM weird!!! But it's okay.

Jo Momma said...

Well, I am TOTALLY not surprised about #'s 1, 3, & 5! LOL # 4, well, I will have to take note of that in a couple of weeks to see if it matters or not!! Ha ha. I think you forgot one tho:::::but we will discuss THAT on your visit. Love ya, "JO MOMMA" XOXOXOX

Sheryl-lyn said...

Uh oh...when momma weighs in, it can be deadly!! I am wondering which weirness she wants to expose!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Oh and Autumn, I may look prim, but I am NOT proper! HA!:)

Beemoosie said...

I did this meme a few days ago and said my car is a disaster...think teenager! I did not think any other women had messy cars!
Great post!