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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year & New Quilts!

The quilt on top is the one I made in class this past September. It was our trip to Japan! It was the easiest one so far and I did it in one night. My husband likes it a lot.

This is the quilt top I had to finish before my next mystery quilt class which is on January 10th or 11th. It looks a lot lighter than it really is. It is all shades of blue and I put the thin red border on to make it stand out. I put it together this weekend and did not read the directions! Not smart!! Anyway, I got it all together and realized that it did not look like the one we made in class. Well, of course I had to tear it all out and rearrange the blocks to make it right. Not that it looked terrible the other way, I just remember loving the way our teacher's top looked and wanted that.
We had a great day today. Went to the bookstore and got a few books recommended on the MJF reading thread. I have to finish HOME TO HOLLY SPRINGS first and then I will move on.
Also, this year I have made a commitment to reading the BIBLE from beginning to end. I got a version put together by Charles Stanley, and it shows you how to do it each day. I always wanted to read it at least one time through, so maybe this is the year!


smoothiejuice said...

wow...i really love that blue one!!! It is a beauty!!!! Good job for finishing them up!!! Millie looks very sleepy!!! Yawn, it is snowing here today, I could join!

Bonne said...

Oh my gosh! They are both lovely quilts! I can't believe the speed at which you stitch together these projects~I guess specific vacations with teaching and all means carefully planned crafting time, and you make use of your time so well. I'm thrilled you got a blog going, as you have so many goodies to share. hugs, Bonne

Sheryl-lyn said...

Oh Jess, I wish it were snowing here. We just had rain and gray weather. Isn't my Millie the cutest? I think I prefer the blue one too.

Bonne: you are right about having to make good use of vacation time. I do sew a little each day, but nothing like when I have enormous blocks of time to myself.

Susan said...

Don't feel bad if you skim through the begats - it isn't usually all that important to the main idea of the story. =)

Love your quilts. The red was a nice touch on the blue one.