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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My rows are ready!!

I made five rows of four blocks for this winter quilt. The blocks were part of a great swap we did over at MJF and I love them all. Of course, you can't see them all yet, this is just the preview. I am also working on that churn dash quilt using Kaffe Fassett (and some Amy Butler) fabrics. I did the cutting yesterday and will sew a little this weekend.
Our dear old Uncle George is in the hospital fighting for his life tonight. He is the perfect uncle to have. He's old enough to talk about his time in the war (WWII) and he has a zillion stories about his days on this earth. Our kids love him and look forward to holidays and dinners when we have to pick him up and bring him over. He always tells his son that he prefers to come to our house rather than anyone else's and that has been important to us all of these years. I'd like to have a few more years of his company, so I'll be saying my prayers tonight and tomorrow because if he lasts that long, his doctors said he has a good chance of recovery.
Speaking of prayer, I am on day 9 of my BIBLE reading. It is a nice way to end each day and I truly look forward to it. A few of the girls I work with have done it this way and say that it was a joy to spend that year reading the stories of the BIBLE and seeing how they connect to life today. It is not as confusing as I thought it would be, so I am sure I'll see it through.


Tracey said...

Lovely quilt. I'm domestically challenged, myself, but always enjoy seeing what others do!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Sheryl Lynn. I see that you are a quilter too. Isn't quilting great? I have met so many wonderful ladies through quilting, so I guess Icanjust add you to my list! I lovbed your story about the kid with his homework. I was a teacher back in the day and now my youngest daughter is teaching kindergarten. We have a good laugh over some of the stories she tells us. The best one lately was one of the kids got in trouble and was really upset about the consequences. One of her really smart kids said to him "well you should have thought of that before you did it then!" Hope you have a good day at school. Rhondi

Beverly said...

Prayers for Uncle George!! I love the quilt! I cannot wait til I have something to show, myself.

khartquilt said...

Your quilt looks great so far. I cant wait to see it quilted. My blocks are still in a bag. I will try and work on it before March. Too much other things going on.
Again, great work!!