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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A reversible apron!

I made this reversible work apron last week when I had a little free time. The red side is a toile and has a matching pocket. The blue side has contrasting pockets with pictures of chickens (surprise!!) on them. This apron will be for hanging laundry and doing chores around the house since it is long (past my knees) and has BIG pockets for holding stuff. The blue one's pocket is separated into 3 sections.
The apron is being displayed on a bush outside the side door (didn't want you all to think I had eaten too many cupcakes from my neighbor) and on my clothesline.
Uncle George was a little better yesterday. His tubes are out of his throat and he can talk a little. He swears he will try to make it to his 80th birthday in June, so we plan to hold him to it.
Thanks for your concern and prayers. It is so appreciated.

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