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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Need some eggs?

Here are the eggs I collected in the past 7 days! Even though it is cold here, the hens are now laying every day since they are young and just starting. Next winter they will not lay every day, but more like every other day. I am giving them to neighbors and friends at work tomorrow. I washed them all in hot water tonight and will put them in their cartons. People love fresh eggs and give me all manner of cool stuff in return, like:

Homemade soups
Fabric they won't be using
Cookies and bread
fresh deer or turkey from hunting trips
treats for my chickens (always appreciated)

I guess it is our version of friendly bartering. You never even ask for anything from them and there it is on my desk or doorstep one morning. It's a good way to do business, isn't it?

I participated in a quilt block swap over at MaryJane's Farm this fall and I got my blocks in the mail yesterday. Here are some of the fabrics I will use in the sashing and borders. We purposely chose winter and holiday themes rather than just Christmas so that we could keep the quilt out all winter. I'll post the top as soon as it is put together, which I hope will be this weekend. This one I will quilt right away too, so that my husband can use it on his couch.


Rhondi said...

This is my first visit to your blgo. Those eggs look so great lined up along the counter, such a variety of colors, unlike the boring white we get at the grocery store! That is so cool that your neighbors leave gifts for you in return. I also am a quiter. Those fabrics you showed are great. Rhondi

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, that is amazing! Those eggs are incredible.


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

the eggs look so yummy!!!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Believe it or not, some people at work asked how you cook these eggs. I had to laugh and tell them, "They are eggs! Only they are fresh and organic." Some people have spouses who won't eat them! Isn't that weird? I said, "So, if I gave you a head of lettuce from my garden without the plastic around it, you would not eat it? We all laughed about that. Our society is a bit removed from nature, isn't it?

smoothiejuice said...

Oh I love your eggs Sheryl!!! My sis had 120 chickens until we took all the hens to auction about 6 wks ago. I really miss the eggs, so much tastier than regular store bought. Even my picky husband prefers fresh organic eggs from a person with chickens not the grocery. Hmmm...weird..people really won't eat em???? My sister could not keep enough around, people were not at all shy about paying nearly 5 bucks a dozen. I am glad your friends all love your eggs and give you cool stuff!!

Janice said...

Oh, the eggs are so beautiful! It's so nice you get to receive a variety of treasures in exhange for fresh eggs. I used to have many laying hens and loved gathering a full basket of eggs each day. Now I am down to two Barred Rock girls, who are taking the winter off. I look forward to a fresh egg or two a day, come spring. Your fabrics are lovely! Thank you for visiting my blog! Happy New Year!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Hi! I also love the eggs but I have them coming out my ears too! I asked my boss (Who I thought was a country girl since she had just 5 minutes before bought one of my baby goats) if she would like some fresh eggs. She asked "Why would I eat those eggs over storebought because of salmonella risk?" I replied "Exactly because you know how fresh these are" She said "Why aren't the ones in the store pasteurized?" lol

I have found a really good way to wash my eggs. I put them immediatley in a bowl of cold water and sprinkle baking soda over them let soak a minute or two and they come out clean as a whistle, then they are in the fridge in a matter of minutes. That's as close to "pasteurization" as I can come up with!!! love your blog, Becky