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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Did you know that pheasants wear glasses?

This is a picture of the little tiny glasses that pheasants who are raised on a farm must wear. They are such the little cannibals and will tear each other apart if they are not "blinded" with these shades! They have sharp, hooked beaks and will pull on anything shiny, which is often their "privates." This results in their insides being yanked to their outsides and of course this means death to the poor victim. We used to raise them to release into the wild, but we did not know about this "habit" and each morning my poor children would wake up only to get traumatized by the sight of entrails as extrails! We have friends who raise them on a big farm now and they gave me a pair of the glasses to show my students. See what we learn from friends? Ha! Sorry if you are easily grossed-out!


Beverly said...

Gross, but informative.....the things you learn from friends!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

I know!! Truthfully, I always thought the glasses were a joke until I saw a pheasant wearing them!