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Monday, December 31, 2007

A lot to be thankful for!

Another year ends, with the promise of a new and even better one starting tomorrow. I am a lucky woman and each day I try to remember all that I have been given and all that I should give in return.

Some things I am happy for this year!

1. My family

2. My job

3. All of the many friends I have made this year and those that have been with me through both good times and bad for many, many, many years!! :)

4. Great books

5. Fabric (oh yeah...more of that to come this year I am sure!)

6. My chickens, dogs and cats

7. My house (even with all of that work!)

8. Each day that I wake up!

Hope your New Year's Eve is as eventful or not as you want it to be!
Also, a big Happy Birthday to my momma!! She is in the land of heat and sun! Florida.


Katmom said...

What a delight it would be to live next door to you,,,we could chat at the clothes line, or sit on the porch, drinking tea out of sweet vintage tea cups while chatting about sewing projects that we may or may not ever complete.
I guess we'll have to use MJF as our porch!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Wow,does that sound great to me!! I'll let you know when I am out there one day and we can talk online and have tea!

Beverly said... have the cutest pink apple cheeks!!!
so, if Grace lives on one side.....Iwant the other side, How about a whole farmgirl neighborhood....wouldn't we all have too much fun!!!!!