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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thinking about a new quilt!! I did not make these, though!

Today my best friend in the world is coming over for our post-Christmas shopping adventure. Ok, so what if I do not have any money left (and I really don't). I go along with her to get all the huge sales at the holiday shops...she buys and I ooh and ahh. I will be taking her out to a great little Mexican restaurant called Funchos, which is my only real spending today. Total cost: about 20 bucks. Time with a friend who is unconditionally true to you: Priceless!

My husband got me a huge pile of quilting magazines for my stocking and now I am in the process of picking out a new quilt to make over the vacation. I have been dying to make an entire quilt using the churn-dash block. There is another one that I love in the magazine. I'll see if I can scan a picture in to look at later.

The quilt on the top is a variation of the churn dash and the one on the bottom is traditional. I have to decide which one I like better. (I got these pictures online.)

Oh!! Last night my husband and I watched THE KINGDOM!! What a great, intense film about Saudi Arabia. Very interesting and suspenseful. Makes me even more proud and fortunate to live here in America, even with its faults.

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Susan said...

Each of these is peachy-keen easy. Bonnie's step by step directions with photographs make the Chunky Churn Dash simplicity itself, and no angles.

The angles are not hard and Quilter's Cache has great step by step directions for making a block, with drawings.