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Monday, July 20, 2015

Halloween wedding quilt progress

I have been trying to do one or two blocks a day this summer.  I generally don't get time on the weekend since we often go out for a while.  Each of the blocks takes a very long time compared to other embroidery projects I have done, so I have to be home a bit.  In fact the block I am setting up right now is 110 minutes.  However, the little details in this baby are amazing!  I can't wait to have the girls really LOOK at this when all the dust settles after the wedding.   
I did the zombie in Sam's eye and hair colors.  The other zombie I am doing in Melony's colors.  That's on the hoop now.
Look at the spider web in the branches!

I love the wolf in the background.
Aren't his little fangs cute!?
Loving ole Frankie!
Look at the witch in the sky!  There is just so much to look at!  I am working on the sashing and border designs as I go along.  They have to be plain enough to keep it from being wildly crazy, but still interesting.  I have a few ideas, but won't decide until I have the embroidered rows completed.
Bye!  See you with a few more in a day or so.


Deb said...

Adorable! What size are the blocks?

Colleen said...

This is coming out so cute!