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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Embroidered quilt quilted and bound!

I really enjoyed working on this pretty little quilt!  I used my embroidery machine for most of it.
I made every other block with things I love.  I was able to use my embroidery machine for all of them,  I machine quilted a diagonal line over all the embroideries.

The borders are quilted with a trailing flower and vine pattern from embroidery!  That is the best company for machine embroidery.
These bluebirds are along the bottom border.  I quilted right over this.

The sunflower quilting is done on all of the nine-patches.  It's not easy to see from the front, so thought I would show it from the back.  It looks really nice in person!
Last night I put the binding on while we watched Klondike on television.  Doing it by hand was relaxing and kept me warm while I sat on the couch.  Well, I have to go out and shovel now thanks to yesterday's snow storm.

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Jo Momma said...

Beautiful Sheryl! Ah hum, careful shoveling young lady! Mama not crazy about you doing that! Ya, I know, typical mom talking::::that goes for Kenny too, pretty to look at, but don't miss it much! Xoxo