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Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day!

So I went back to school for one day and that's it for this week thanks to our snowfall last night and today.  We have about 8 inches out front and more in the back yard.
Lily isn't sure about this frozen water stuff, but she likes it!

Penny has her favorite seat for a snow day.
I will use today to quilt my latest project, which I must say is coming out well so far!  I started quilting it last night and almost hated to stop.  Of course I have to shovel today too, so will quilt in between working.  Must do Pilates too, but will probably do that in a few minutes.  I have the aero Pilates machine upstairs and I like it a lot...even though I don't generally like exercising like that.  I like to exercise while hiking, swimming or something else that seems natural.  But the Pilates machine is kind of fun.  See you when my quilt is almost done...

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