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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas quilt and pillowcases

I made this quilt last summer with some good friends and finally got around to quilting and binding it this week.  The fabric was a Christmas layer cake (can't remember which tho!) but it doesn't look too Christmasy to me now.  But, since it's already very cold here, we will be happy just to have it on the couch!  
At school we have to do these crazy things called SLOs and I always get stressed out about it so last Friday the special education teacher I work with helped me do mine.  Seriously, she forced me to get it done!  Sat me down at the computer and said, "let's get it done right now!"  She was not taking no for an answer!  I am so grateful to get them done so I made her these pillowcases.  One for her and one for her husband.  What a friend she was to me on Friday!  I am lucky to have her with me this year.:)

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