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Monday, February 1, 2016

Evelyn's day of wedding shopping

Evelyn got engaged to Patrick on December 27 and today we went to look at dresses for her.  They are not having a traditional big wedding but they are having a dinner party at their favorite restaurant on October 15th.  They are probably going to elope before then and just enjoy the party.  Evelyn doesn't like everyone looking at her and gets anxious about all that stuff so this will be perfect.  We didn't find anything perfect for the party yet so will keep looking.  She looked gorgeous in every single dress she tried on!  Her friends said she would look good in a burlap wedding dress!  They were a lot of fun today too!  Evelyn has a friend who is my age!  Funny how life goes.  

I made some Valentines pillowcases for a teacher I work with this year.  She is a wonderful person and found the man of her dreams this fall!  Maybe the pillowcases will make her have sweet dreams of the futuređź’š!  

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Deb said...

She looks just like you! I bet she's happy to know how beautiful she will be in 20 years.