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Monday, February 9, 2009

A million little pieces (quilt style)

This is part of a wallhanging I started a while ago. It has many different pieces that you fuse to the background to make a scene. I like doing these, but have not made as many as I used to.
The other end of the pasture. I'll probably make the other pieces for this during my spring vacation from school.

Well, the main body of the million pieces quilt is done(my nickname for it anyway). There are two borders to make for it, and I will get to it sometime this week. I am working on a tea cozy for a swap at MJF. I drew the pattern for it and am ready to make it this week. Will post pictures after I send it to my partner, Jess.


Jo Momma said...

Love the wallhanging and the quilt is beautiful::::Keep up the good work kiddo. Hope you are feeling ALL better!! Love, Jo Momma XOX

Autumn said...

So beautiful!!!! That million pieces quilt is not to be believed!!!!
I love the scenery one also!

Glad youre feeling better- how's the play comng along?

cinnamongirl said...

Extrodinary work!

Bonne said...

The quilt is stunning!! and I love the landscape you "painted" with fabric of all things!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

My back was out after being sick! Isn't that the worst? I am on the mend now though.

The play is going well. Had to put the pressure on the darlings to memorize their lines. 7 weeks to go, though, so it will be fine.

smoothiejuice said...

that top is grand, cant wait to see the border! oh the suspense of the tea cozy.

Ruth said...

Wow~I don't think I could do one of the million piece quilts. Wait~I can't even quilt. LOL
I love it!!